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Holiday Season Brings More Than Wanted

Dec 16, 2015

Viruses are in full throat as the holiday season approaches. Many wonder what to look for when that cough comes. So what spreads here in Utah?

“What you need to worry about are the seasonal strains of influenza.”

Dale Barnard, Research Associate Professor at the Veterinary Science of Bacteriology at Utah State University, says that influenza viruses are readily transmissible

Genetically Pure Bison Found In Utah

Dec 16, 2015

Researchers have confirmed that the Henry Mountains of southern Utah are home to a rare, genetically pure bison herd. The team included Utah State University scientists who analyzed tissue samples from the bison.

Dr. Johan du Toit, professor of ecology and large mammal conservation at USU, took part in the research. He said that the herd is even more unique than other populations of bison that have not interbred with cattle.

Traffic Accident Leads to Open-Fire in Lewiston

Dec 15, 2015
https://www.flickr.com/photos/13683402@N04/1394300455 / Flickr

There was an hour-long standoff Tuesday afternoon that resulted in open fire in Lewiston, Utah.

Officials say the incident began when a man barricaded himself in his car with a .40-caliber handgun after being in a car accident at milepost 44 on U.S. Highway 91 at 11 a.m.

Democrats Respond To Herbert's Education Plan

Dec 15, 2015

When Republican Gov. Gary Herbert rolled out his proposed state budget for the 2016 general legislative session, he made it clear that education was his top priority. One of the proposals is to put $422 million into the state’s public and higher education. State Democrats have issued their response to the Governor’s proposals.

Peter Corroon, Chair of the Utah Democratic Party, said that while the increased funding is a step in the right direction, problems still confront any attempt to spend more on education.

First Avalanche Warning This Season In Effect

Dec 14, 2015

An avalanche watch has been lifted for the Logan and Bear River Range in northern Utah. But the watch is still in effect for the Ogden, Salt Lake, Provo and the Manti Plateau areas.

Toby Weed, the Logan area avalanche forecaster for the Forest Service said the Logan area picked up a lot less snow than the rest of the state.  

Ogden Canyon Irrigation Pipeline to be Replaced

Dec 14, 2015

At the mouth of Ogden Canyon, on State Road 39, hangs a water siphon that serves 10,000 customers in the Ogden area. After years of providing water irrigation, the US. Bureau of Reclamation have determined that it’s time for an upgrade.  ​



Crews will be using cables to help with the installation of the new irrigation pipeline. It will replace the old pipeline, which has been operating since 1937.

“We actually have a 31-inch siphon that is suspended over the mouth of Ogden Canyon.”

Stand-Together Vigil at Logan Islamic Center

Dec 11, 2015

An estimated 150 people gathered at the Logan Islamic Center today to show their love and support for the Muslim Community on Friday in Logan.


Dr. Bonnie Glass-Coffin, who is the Interfaith Initiative director at USU, said the vigil was about uniting as a community.


Environmental groups want the federal government to require Utah to complete a plan to clean up dirty winter air by the summer of 2017, and not 18 months later as being proposed. 


Utah State University researcher, Melissa Haeffner will be joining 77 other women next  December in a research trip to Antarctica. The trip will be funded partially by the public through crowdfunding.

Crowdfunding is a way of getting money for a project via the internet by raising small amounts of money from lots of people.


Income tax revenues in the state of Utah are up. While that is an indicator more Utahns are participating in the job market, it may not reflect completely where and how they spend their money. The collection of sales tax is reported to be less than what was previously expected.

When it comes to sales tax, Gov. Gary Herbert said that online shopping has made collection more difficult. He said that Utah could be missing out on 75 percent of potential sales tax money.


Utah legislators are voting to have consultants draft a lawsuit challenging the U.S. government's control of federal lands that make up two-thirds of the state.

A Republican-dominated commission made the decision Wednesday after a consulting team said its research concludes the Constitution doesn't give the U.S. government power to control federal lands within state borders.

Democratic Senator Jim Dabakis is one who opposed the lawsuit. He felt the decision lacked representation of Utah's minority groups.

Budget Issues Remain Despite More Tax Revenues

Dec 8, 2015

The Utah Office of the Legislative Fiscal Analyst announced Monday that state tax revenues are up $380 million since the last estimate. With the money, the state legislature could increase spending in 2016. While many welcome the added revenue as an indication of a healthy local economy, others are urging caution.

Logan Republican Sen. Lyle Hillyard said that income taxes are driving the boost, which is a sign that more people are working. However, he said that expectations surrounding the state sales tax have fallen short.

A Refugee's Journey to Utah

Dec 8, 2015
http://www.unhcr.org/pages/49e489646.html / UNHCR

Chapter Doh is an ethnic Karen refugee from Myanmar living in Logan, Utah.


“A lot of people came here for school but for me as a refugee, because my country had a civil war and I had to escape,” he said.


He essentially grew up in a refugee camp in Thailand after he fled violence caused by a civil war in Myanmar when he was ten years old.


Cherry Peak Resort to Open This Winter

Dec 8, 2015
Katie Peikes / UPR

Managers of privately owned Cherry Peak Resort have announced on its Facebook page that it will open Dec. 21. 



Cherry Peak Resort's crew has been working to ensure the resort's vision becomes a reality. Over the last few months, they have added an additional lift, made snow, talked to investors and are finishing the construction of the lodge. 


Environmental advocates are awaiting the decision of the Utah Supreme Court after oral arguments were heard last week about whether state regulators made the right decision by approving expanded operations at the Tesoro oil refinery in Salt Lake City.

Environment groups argue the refinery contributes to northern Utah’s bad winter air that is sometimes the worst in the nation. It's sometimes listed in the “non-attainment” zone with National Ambient Air Quality Standards, according to the EPA.

Utah's Abandoned Mines Exact A Heavy Price

Dec 4, 2015

Nearly 11,000 abandoned mines dot federal lands in Utah, posing not just an environmental cost, but a heavy financial one as well. The estimated price tag to ensure that they are environmentally safe comes to an astounding $2 billion.


A tanker was involved in a crash last Saturday in Provo Canyon that spilled most of its 5,000-gallon load of crude oil. An estimated 1,000 gallons of oil made its way into the Provo River. The incident has raised concerns about the risks of transporting hazardous materials on Utah’s roads.

The crash occurred when the driver lost control on a particularly slick section of the road. John Gleason, a spokesperson with the Utah Department of Transportation, said that crashes in general tend to increase in frequency during the winter months.

Gov. Walker Funeral Set For Friday

Dec 1, 2015

Funeral services for former Utah Gov. Olene Walker will be held Friday. The state’s first female governor died Saturday at the age of 85 due to natural causes.

A public viewing is scheduled for Thursday at the state Capitol, which will be followed by a private viewing the next day before the funeral.

Walker served as lieutenant governor for over a decade before being elevated to governor after Mike Leavitt left office to head the EPA in 2003.

New Changes Make U.S. Citizenship Easier

Nov 30, 2015

According to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, or USCIS, the U.S. welcomes approximately 680,000 citizens during naturalization ceremonies across the country each year.

Over 8 percent of Utah’s population are immigrants but fewer than half of them are naturalized citizens. Earlier this month at the Utah State Capital 116 immigrants living in Utah and other nearby states were sworn in as U.S. citizens.  

Raecale Stull / Stull Photography

  If you were to drive through Smithfield, you might see a 40-foot long, 8-foot wide crimson red bus, which a Utah family is converting into their mobile home.   

Brad, Raecale and their five children were looking for an extreme life change. One year ago, they found it in the form of a 40-foot long, 8-foot wide crimson red 1978 General Motors Buffalo Bus, which will become their mobile home in December.

USU Marketing

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CVTD: Free Ride Continues, For Now

Nov 20, 2015
Justin Prather / UPR

After more than a month of waiting in anticipation, the Cache Valley community now has the definitive answer on the future of the current zero fare policy on CVTD buses.

Of the 20 members of the CVTD Board of trustees, 19 were in attendance, and voted unanimously to keep the current free ride system in place, at least for the time being.

While all members agreed that in the current state of affairs it made fiscal sense, there was also an agreement to revisit the discussion of charging a fare in the future.

Board member Jeannie Simmonds spoke on this point:

Utah celebrates International Education Week

Nov 19, 2015
Katie Peikes / UPR

Colleges throughout the country are celebrating International Education Week, honoring the benefits of learning about other cultures and enhancing cultural diversity.

And international student populations keep growing, some Utah colleges say.

Weber State University reported they have about 400 international students, according to Tiana Witkamp, an administrative assistant.

New Campaign Helps Men Laugh Their Way To Mental Health

Nov 18, 2015
Melissa Allison

Dr. Richard Mahogany is a fictional therapist and spokesperson for Man Therapy - an innovative campaign that began in Colorado. The program has become the latest included in an initiative of the Utah Suicide Prevention Coalition to address men’s mental health. The campaign was launched this past October in Utah to address an unusually high rate of suicides among men.

S. Utah Red Rock Rotary Renovates Reservation Area

Nov 18, 2015
Red Rock Rotary Club of Southern Utah

According to the American Diabetes Association, American Indian youth are two times more likely to have diabetes than other youth.

In an effort to decrease the rate of juvenile diabetes in the Shivwits Band of Paiute Indians, the Red Rock Rotary Club of Southern Utah has been renovating a park on the Shivwits Reservation.

Club members hope the park will become a place where youth there can exercise and become more physically active.