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Grizzly Bear Encounters a Critical Issue at Yellowstone National Park

In 2015, Visitors to Yellowstone exceeded four million for the first time. With so many people visiting the park, dangerous encounters with animals has been an issue. The latest addition of National Geographic Magazine provides information about the human/wildlife conflict in the park.
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Matt Breen / Utah Division of Wildlife Resources

Utah biologists were doing a study to recover razorback sucker last year in the Upper Colorado River, when, to their surprise, they discovered 19 individual bonytail chub in the Stewart Lake near Jensen. The bonytail are now rearing their young. 

Army's Plan to Defend Battlefield Communications

May 4, 2016

  The United States Army announced it will employ a new Occupational Specialty position, tasked with defending military communication systems.

Vini Coffin describes how her mother Barbara joins her two best friends, piles into a station wagon with trunks of costumes and a huge set on top and tours small U.S. stateside bases from 1942 to  1945.

A recent report from the Congressional Budget Office claims that raising the royalty rate on public drilling leases would generate $1.2 billion dollars in revenue. Greg Zimmerman, deputy director with the Center for Western Priorities, said that the states would also benefit from increased rates.

Public health funding has stayed steady the past few years according to the Trust for America’s Health. The organization released a report on state and federal health spending and found some states spend a lot more than others.  

Wildfire Season Off to Delayed Start

May 3, 2016

The National Interagency Fire Center has released the annual wildfire outlook for the spring and summer. The Utah Division of Forestry, Fire and State Lands refers to the Center to assess the wildfire potential in Utah.

Rapidly rising rents and relatively flat incomes are putting the squeeze on many Utah renters. These raising prices are effecting people, especially those with moderate or low incomes.

  Several Utah police officials are joining in calls to change Brigham Young University's practice of investigating students for violations of the school's strict code of behavior after reporting they were sexually assaulted.

Provo's police chief said Thursday that he's pleased the Mormon-owned school based in his city is considering changing the way it handles reports of sexual violence. Provo Police Sgt. Brian Taylor says he hopes BYU changes its policy, and starts providing amnesty to victims.

Katie Peikes / UPR

The ability to assess water supply is becoming increasingly important, especially since data shows statewide reservoir storage is lower than last year. Utah State University soil scientists and climatologists have created a device to track snowmelt, that could lead to better assessments on water supply. 

Tragedy Strikes Cache Valley Family Again

Apr 29, 2016
Cache County Sheriff's Office


Tragedy once again strikes the family of a transgender, woman, Ashley Hallstrom, who committed suicide seven months ago.


Ashley’s 58-year-old father, Calvin Hallstrom, was stabbed to deathThursday night. Police allege he was killed by his son, Ashley’s brother, 25-year-old Shane Hallstrom.


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"Peace Officer" Documentary On Thursday's Access Utah

William J. "Dub" Lawrence says "I was elected county sheriff of Davis County in 1974. On the 22nd of September, 2008, the very SWAT team that I founded in the 1970s killed my son-in-law, in my presence, as I defended them to his father, and his mother, and my children, promising them that these men were trained and professional and knew what they were doing."
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