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Solar Power Is Growing In Popularity Throughout The State

Residents in Utah have joined programs aimed at lowering the cost of solar installations. “Solar has grown very quickly especially in the last three to five years,” said Kate Bowman, Solar Project Coordinator for Utah Clean Energy, a public interest organization. “Looking back to 2009, on average Utah’s cumulative solar capacity—so the total amount of solar in the state—has increased by 82 percent each year. So that’s almost doubling each year since 2009.” Bowman said solar power costs have...
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Wildfire Near Jordanelle Reservoir Is Contained

3 hours ago

About 100 residents at Fox Bay Condominiums left their homes on Monday after a fire broke out by the Jordanelle Reservoir, which has now been contained.

Mike Eriksson, an area manager for the Utah Division of Forestry, said the evacuation has been lifted, and residents should be back home by now.

“It turned out to be only one acre after they GPS’d it,” Eriksson said. “So it was pretty tiny.”

Eriksson said a possible reason the fire did not spread is the summer has been wetter than average, and moisture in the plants made them difficult to burn.

Researchers Work Together On Red Butte Creek

3 hours ago

Last week, researchers from multiple Utah colleges and universities worked together to gather data from the Red Butte Creek in Salt Lake City.

According to Paul Brooks, professor of hydrology and biochemistry at the University of Utah, this effort is the first of its kind, with diverse types of observations, including hydrology sampling, water chemistry sampling and biological sampling. Some researchers studied drought stress and interviewed local residents on water use.

On Saturday, Republic Gov. Gary Herbert was named chairman of the National Governor’s Association. Almost immediately, the governor laid out an initiative entitled “States: Finding Solutions, Improving Lives.” The initiative calls for more state-federal partnerships while highlighting state solutions to political issues.

State Rep. Jon Cox said that Herbert’s new appointment will allow Utah to learn from what other states are accomplishing. He said that the NGA is an invaluable platform to share ideas.

Warm2wardU publishing

On Tuesday’s AU we’ll look at the problem of homelessness with author Elaine Taylor, who writes in her new book "Karma Deception and a Pair of Red Ferraris" of how she came to find her self dedicated to helping the homeless. Taylor writes in her latest book, “the best of my life is behind me. I’m entering the period of throat wattles and colonoscopies every five years … and uselessness. Irrelevance.”

Being both blunt and wise she said, “Ya know, someone who feels as sorry for herself as you do ought to go out and do something for someone who’s got real problems.” That was the beginning of Elaine Taylor's work with Raphael House, a shelter for the homeless San Francisco families. We'll also speak with Lloyd Pendelton, former director of the Utah Homeless Task Force.



photo of red onions

What’s red, can be found in your kitchen and are beneficial as they munch through your leftovers and create a wonderfully rich compost? I’m talking about the worms of vermicomposting.  Also on the program is a discussion with Dan Drost about harvesting onions. In Going Native! you’ll hear all about including the wonderful, native Fire Chalice. Then in The Green Room it's Pathos. In our latest Insect Bites, we look at the science of Mellisopolynology (huh?). Then in Petals and Prose, it's pests as guests.

August Race To Support Autism Program

Jul 23, 2015

A charity organization, Race 4 a Cause, will hold the second annual First Dam Pancake Run on Aug. 15  in Logan to raise funds for a preschool program at Utah State University called Autism Support Services: Education, Research and Training, or ASSERT.

The Rising Opportunity Of Utah Biofuel

Jul 23, 2015

The biofuel industry may be closer to rivaling conventional fuel companies for financial success. Ray Dellinger, CEO of Argo Fuels, said that his new NanoCatylist Processor will help turn biodiesel into a viable alternative to petroleum. He said that biofuel producers working together can not only turn a profit but, through low-cost production, release the industry from reliance on government subsidies.

University of Utah Press

From their earliest days on the American frontier through their growth into a worldwide church, the spatially expansive Mormons made maps to help them create idealized communities, migrate to and colonize large parts of the American West, visualize the stories in their sacred texts, and spread their message internationally through a well-organized missionary system. This book identifies many Mormon mapmakers who played an important but heretofore unsung role in charting the course of Latter-day Saint history. For Mormons, maps had and continue to have both practical and spiritual significance. In addition to using maps to help build their new Zion and to explore the Intermountain West, Latter-day Saint mapmakers used them to depict locations and events described in the Book of Mormon.

Efforts under way in Montana to restore and protect habitat for sage grouse, a bird that faces a possible endangered species listing, could benefit Utah and other western states.

Jason Weller, chief of the Natural Resources Conservation Service, met with state officials and private landowners in Montana on Monday to announce a new agreement involving his agency, the state and other entities. Weller said it's aimed at expanding on already extensive conservation efforts on private lands.

Logan Man Arrested In Fraternity Rape Case

Jul 22, 2015

Police say a Logan man has been arrested on suspicion of raping three women at a Utah State University fraternity house. 27-year-old Jason Relopez was booked into Cache County Jail on Tuesday due to allegations by a woman who reported to Logan police that she had been sexually assaulted at a Sigma Chi fraternity house. 

Logan City Police Chief Gary Jensen said that investigators have found enough evidence to charge Relopez with multiple counts of rape.


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