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Utahns Join In Dakota Access Pipeline Protest

Sep 8, 2016


A federal judge will make a decision Friday concerning a preliminary injunction on the continuing construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline after a lawsuit was brought against the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers back in August. The Standing Rock Sioux tribe claims that the path of the pipeline threatens places and areas that are considered sacred.

More Cougars Can Be Hunted This Year, DWR Says

Sep 8, 2016

Utah wildlife officials will allow more cougars to be hunted this season due to an increase in the animal’s population and increased attacks on farm animals.


Researchers have come out with a new ranking of the 50 best college towns in America and collegerank.net says three Utah cities belong on the list.

The analysis leaves out large urban metropolitan cities, ranking only towns with a population of 200,000 or less. Logan hits the list at number 35. Provo is at 28 and Cedar City is number 20.


  A 72-year-old Sevier County man is lucky to be alive after a harrowing 6-day ordeal in the Southern Utah outback.


The man was hiking alone—not very wise, but he did one thing right, said Lieutenant Del Schlosser of the Iron County Sheriff’s Department. He told a friend where he was going and when he expected to be back.


Soon you may see a new TV advertisement from the Center for Western Priorities, a conservation policy organization, that will only play in a few western states for a very specific reason.

Utah Education PAC To Push For Tax Increase

Sep 7, 2016


A state income tax hike for education could soon be on the ballot in Utah. The political action committee,Education First Utah, is expected to release a proposal calling for a 7/8 of one percent increase of state income taxes. Gov. Gary Herbert argued that his track record on education spending shows that an income tax increase is unnecessary.


Scientists from the University of Utah will be studying the Salt Flats in Utah for the next two years. 

The Bonneville Salt Flats have attracted racers who want to break a land speed record for years. The texture and thickness of the salt is perfect for going fast—really fast.

But beyond just the racing, the area has one of the largest potash mines. Potash has a lot potassium and is sold as a fertilizer. The flats also offer a unique recreational area.

Utahns Divided On Minimum Wage Action

Sep 2, 2016


Despite Utah’s emergence from the recent recession as one of the strongest economies in the nation, many people remain worried over wages and the state’s cost of living.

At an open house on September 7, Utah State University and the Utah Assistive Technology Program will celebrate the opening of the new Uintah Basin Assistive Technology Lab. The lab, which opened in early July in Roosevelt, provides services for people with disabilities.


Wednesday, Southern Utah University observed Autumn Arbor Day, and in doing so, recognized the city’s namesake tree, and honors a former university president, who recently passed away.

Update On The Peterson Hollow Fire

Aug 31, 2016
U.S. Forest Service

Firefighters battling a forest fire about 23 miles northeast of Logan are preparing another complication in their efforts to contain the blaze. High winds are forecasted for the end of the week, while the fire has grown by 30 acres.


Campus Pride is an educational organization for LGBT students and college campus groups. In the past, the organization released a "shame list" of 57 colleges. According to Campus Pride, the colleges all discriminate against LGBT youth through Title IX exemptions. This year’s list includes 102 religious colleges. Campus Pride claims all colleges discriminate against LGBT youth in policies, programs and practices.


As public outrage over the influence of money in politics continues to grow - seen in both the Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump campaigns - a new study provides compelling evidence that the U.S. political system is more "one dollar, one vote" than "one person, one vote."


Beaver Mountain, situated near the top of Logan Canyon in the Bear River Mountains, is no secret among residents of Cache Valley in Utah. Many spend their winters taking full advantage of the ski trails this treasured resort has to offer. But, what is Beaver Mountain in the summer?


On Tuesday, members of the Utah State Legislature heard from experts who examined the risk factors for veteran suicides. Dr. Steve Allen, who presented a new Veterans Affairs study on the connection between Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and suicides, said that America’s struggle with opiate addiction is also claiming the lives of veterans.


Southern Utah University, the self-proclaimed "University of the Parks" marked the 100-year anniversary of the National Park Service by canceling regular courses and organizing over one-hundred national park or outdoors-based educational field trips--from on-campus activities to a bussed excursion to the Grand Canyon.

Utah Named Worst State For Women's Equality

Aug 25, 2016

Utah ranks 48th in the nation for women’s work hours compared to men’s, 49th in women’s pay compared to men’s and 50th in the amount of women employed compared to men.


Thursday marks the 100-year anniversary of the establishment of the National Parks Service and Southern Utah University, the self-proclaimed University of the Parks is celebrating by taking the day off and heading out-of-doors.

Study: Renewable Industry Could Absorb Coal Layoffs

Aug 24, 2016

The growth of solar- and wind-related jobs could easily absorb coal-industry layoffs over the next 15 years and provide full-time careers, if investments are made to retrain workers. That's according to a new study by researchers at Oregon State University and the Michigan Technological University.

Interior Secretary: Parks Need More Relevance

Aug 23, 2016

The National Park Service is celebrating its 100th birthday in 2016. Relevancy could be key to preserving the nation’s natural heritage.

A federal judge in Utah is considering whether or not to again release from jail, two men in the FLDS food stamps fraud case—this, after the pair were returned to jail after violating the agreement of the court upon their first release.



The most recent numbers from the Utah Department of Workforce Services show that Utah’s unemployment rate dropped last month to 3.9 percent. Although higher than the 3.5 to 3.7 percent range Utah has seen over the last year or two, the small unemployment spike could be because of more people entering the workforce.


The Utah County Fair, which runs until Saturday, will not feature pig wrestling this year, according to fair officials, though it's been part of the fair for years. It involves teams of four wrestling a pig into a barrel. But this year, teams will have to compete somewhere else.

Salt Lake County Fair Bear Show Draws Complaints

Aug 18, 2016

Wednesday was the first day of the Salt Lake County Fair. An animal rights organization has taken issue with a bear exhibit on display there.

New Monticello Science Center Raises Overcrowding Concerns

Aug 18, 2016

A new science discovery center will open this weekend just outside of the southeastern Utah city of Monticello. Founders hope the $8 million center will bring tourists to Monticello without causing overcrowding.