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During the past few months, 27 new wind towers have appeared above the town of Monticello, and it took many long years to make it happen.


A proposed Environmental Protection Agency emissions rule has been put on hold by the Supreme Court. 24 states, including Utah, asked the Court to block the enforcement of the new rule pending various legal challenges.

Utah lawmakers are considering a bill that, if passed, would add to the human sexuality education curriculum in public and charter schools.  At least one lawmaker is questioning whether passing a comprehensive human sexuality education bill is needed.

USU Autism Program Spreads Internationally

Feb 9, 2016

  The Autism Support Services: Education, Research and Training or ASSERT program at Utah State University works with pre-school kids with autism to help them learn to talk, take care of themselves and get ready for kindergarten.

Tyler Allred

A group of Utah State University professors, interest group representatives and Logan city officials are working together to create a long-range plan to manage and restore the Logan River.


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A Utah gay-rights group is fighting with a conservative state representative over proposed legislation that would give heterosexual couples preference in adoptions.


  The Ecology Center at Utah State University hosts Dr. Lisa Schulte-Moore this Wednesday and Thursday as part of its 2015-2016 Seminar Series. Schulte-Moore, an associate professor of Natural Resource Ecology and Management at Iowa State University, studies the ecology of sustainable land management through the lens of coupled human and natural systems.


The 2016 Dixie Regional Transportation Expo begins next Tuesday, February 9th, at The Dixie Convention Center. 


  Senator Mike Lee voiced his support Thursday after Utah Governor Gary Herbert announced he is suing Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack to stop the Bureau of Land Management and forest service implementation of a sage grouse management plan.

USU President Albrecht Retiring

Feb 3, 2016

After more than a decade as president of Utah State University, Stan Albrecht is retiring.

Albrecht announced his decision Wednesday in an email sent out to the university’s faculty and staff. This week marks 11 years since he was appointed to the position back in 2005.


As solar energy becomes more attractive to Utah residents, one organization says subsidy programs are misleading.

Piper Christian

Toward the end of last year, at COP21, the United Nations Conference on Climate Change, 185 countries and the European Union signed the Paris Agreement. This agreement is the first international accord to establish binding commitments by all parties to work towards limiting global temperature increase to 2 degrees Celsius.


People in Iron County are using the word “historic” to describe Monday’s public school closings affecting the Iron County School District and Southern Utah University

Disability Law Center Releases Legislative Agenda

Feb 1, 2016

  The Utah Legislature is underway and many activists and support groups have released their legislative agendas, including The Disability Law Center. 

Democrats: Utah Needs Living Wage, Healthcare

Jan 29, 2016

Democrats in Utah have responded to Gov. Gary Herbert’s proposals laid out in his 2016 State of the State address. The party has plans to propose living wage legislation in this year’s legislative session.

On Tuesday, undergraduates from Utah State University had the opportunity to present their research to the Utah legislature on topics ranging from synthetic spider silk to using mathematics to convict repeat sex offenders. For university research departments, this is good publicity, but it’s also a valuable opportunity for young researchers.


On Wednesday, Gov. Gary Herbert gave his annual State of the State address, emphasizing Utah’s strong economy and low cost of government. The two-term Republican also called for investment in the state’s public education as well as healthcare reform.

Off-Trail Visitors Stick Together

Jan 27, 2016

Visitors to national parks and forests often leave designated trails, despite signs and rangers telling them not to. Utah State University scientists used GPS technology to follow visitors off-trail and assess their impacts.


Two hundred seventy-five lives were lost on Utah roads in 2015 and the Utah Department of Transportation wants to bring that number down. 

Monday is the opening day of the Utah General Legislative Session. UPR's Jennifer Pemberton was at the state Capitol for the opening remarks from the Speaker in the House Chamber.

Budget Battles Ahead In 2016 Legislature

Jan 25, 2016

Starting Monday, officials in the state legislature have seven weeks to draft and pass Utah’s budget for 2017. For House Republicans, creating a well-balanced budget will take center stage while the Democrats plan to work on passing legislation related to family income.


For his first movie about a mouse, Walt Disney showcased Mickey navigating the river waters by steamboat. But for Dr. Laurie Dizney, the filming of mice happened in the dry Utah desert. Her work shows how using mice and cameras could help protect people from hantavirus and other deadly diseases.

(Environmental Defense Fund)

The Bureau of Land Management is clamping down on companies that dump methane gas into the atmosphere. 

Professor Edward Reeve, at Utah State University's School of Applied Sciences, Technology and Education, was recently elected president of the International Technology and Engineering Educators Association. Training new engineering and technology educators has been a major focus of the Obama administration’s emphasis on STEM education and Reeve, a self-proclaimed “old shop teacher,” built his career around educating the engineering and technology teachers of tomorrow.



Republican Rep. Craig Hall of West Valley City said he plans to introduce H.B. 155 during the legislative session that begins Monday. The bill would require computer technicians to report child pornography they discover on someone's computer to officials or they could face jail time.