Fresh Folk
3:32 pm
Fri February 10, 2012

Fresh Folk - February 11

On the show this week, I feature the unassuming and honest album from RJ Cowdery, and the latest release from the successful Australian singer and songwriter Kasey Chambers. I’ll also play tracks from new releases by Carolann Solebello, Jen Hajj, and Kyle Carey, to name just a few. Tune in and listen this Saturday at 8pm to Fresh Folk on Utah Public Radio.

Contemporary Western Women
3:00 pm
Fri February 10, 2012

Amy Velasquez

Amy Velasquez is a middle school teacher in Evanston, Wyoming. Her family was one of the First hispanic families in Evanston, coming there in the 1950s. It is important to her to preserve and share her Mexican heritage, so she created a Cinco de Mayo celebration in her class which grew into a town celebration.

Science Questions
2:52 pm
Fri February 10, 2012

Singing about Einstein's Dreams

Science Questions presents a one-hour special today with Alan Lightman, author of Einstein's Dreams, musician Randall Williams, and a talented group of junior high students at Salt Lake Arts Academy who created songs, along with Williams, about time based on Lightman's book. Their journey offers a unique window into the power of hands-on education and the beauty of blending the arts and sciences.

Radio Cosmopolis
2:33 pm
Fri February 10, 2012

Radio Cosmopolis - February 10

Tune in this week and roam the globe, taking in gypsy music, Mexican fresa, African blues, Moroccan jazz, and a whole lot more.


5:10 pm
Thu February 9, 2012

Super Sunday

It wouldn't be a Baja Superbowl Sunday without whales, right?

Utah Cares
3:18 pm
Thu February 9, 2012

Thayne Center for Service & Learning at Salt Lake Community College

Developing Service-Learning and Leadership Opportunities to Help Faculty and Students Change the World

The Thayne Center for Service & Learning at Salt Lake Community College creates hands-on learning opportunities for faculty and students, with participants contributing over 135,000 community service hours each year. Sean Crossland serves as the center’s Community Partnerships Coordinator.

Utah Cares
3:13 pm
Thu February 9, 2012

Spy Hop Productions

Empowering Youth through Multimedia

Spy Hop Productions empowers youth through multimedia, helping teenagers in metro Salt Lake City express themselves, find their voices and tell their stories. Instructor Adam Sherlock appreciates how Spy Hop’s “Sending Messages” program benefits incarcerated youth like “K.O.”

3:09 pm
Thu February 9, 2012

Family Anarchy

Steve Eaton's wife went out of town once and left him and the kids to their own devices.

Access Utah
3:04 pm
Thu February 9, 2012

Education Legislation and More on Today's Access Utah

In the first half today, we replay a conversation with John McDowell from last year. His book, Poetry and Violence: The Ballad Tradition of Mexico's Costa Chica, examines the question whether or not art that portrays violence, promotes violence.

In the second half Tom Williams talks with Senators Aaron Osmond and Karen Morgan about K-12 education and what's going on in the current state legislative session.

Utah Cares
10:08 am
Wed February 8, 2012

The Mundi Project

Love of Piano in Our World

Fourteen year-old Olivia Tedder is the beneficiary of a piano donated to her family by the Mundi Project. Program founder Hana Janatova is a first generation American whose parents immigrated from the Czech Republic, bringing with them and sharing the gift of music.