planned parenthood

The Planned Parenthood Association of Utah says a Utah lawmaker's bill to bar doctors from performing abortions sought because of a diagnosis of Down syndrome is about restricting access to abortion, not protecting those with Down syndrome.

The association's President and CEO Karrie Galloway said in a statement Monday that the decision to terminate a pregnancy is "a deeply personal and sometimes complex decision" that should be left to women, their families, their doctors and their faiths."

A Utah legislator is developing a proposal to move sex education out of the classroom and onto home computers via the internet.

Rep. Justin Fawson, a conservative Republican from North Ogden, says he's drafting a bill that would that would tailor the state's sex education curriculum to individual students. / The Chocolate Festival

Saturday marks the 29th annual Valentine Chocolate Festival for Utah’s chapter of Planned Parenthood in Logan. The event is Utah’s largest fundraising event for Planned Parenthood. Last year alone, the it raised more than $20,000 to support the state’s health clinics.