Morgan Pratt

LDS Church Takes Stance on the Environment

Nov 7, 2013

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has never taken a stance when it comes to the environment, until now. Earlier this week, the LDS Church launched a webpage on its Newsroom website called “Environmental Stewardship and Conservation.”

Utah Reduces its Premature Birth Rate

Nov 6, 2013

Premature births are one of the leading causes of infant death in the U.S. Utah is working to combat that statistic by educating women about the risk factors associated with pre-term births.

Utah met and surpassed the goal set by the Healthy Babies President’s Challenge to reduce its pre-term birth rate by 8 percent. Julie Drake, Utah’s March of Dimes Program Director, said Utah received high marks for its work in educating the public about premature birth.  

Cache County School District Passes Bond

Nov 6, 2013

Cache County voted Tuesday on a $129 million bond to open two new high schools within the school district. These new high schools would eliminate severe overcrowding within schools in the county. Residents voted in favor of the bond by a slight margin of 184 votes.

Many residents said they are worried the bond will affect property tax significantly.

Quilting for Stained Glass Windows

Nov 4, 2013

A historic American Fork Presbyterian church is hosting a quilt sale to raise money to help restore its 136-year-old building, particularly its windows.

The church was built in 1877 making it one of the oldest churches in Utah County and has been used as a school, a preschool and a place of worship.  The church was also used as a movie set for the film “Footloose.”

Ella Lung is in charge of the fundraiser to restore the 136-year-old building.

A truck driver from West Jordan built the largest amateur telescope on record.

On the surface, Mike Clements is your typical professional truck driver for Central Refrigeration. But if you look closer, you will discover that Clements has a passion for building telescopes.

Clements said he became interested in telescopes when he was a kid. He would take apart telescopes and play with the pieces. Clements said this sparked an obsession for him.

Flight Delayed 12 Hours

Nov 1, 2013

Earlier this week, An Allegiant Air flight from Oakland to Provo was delayed 12 hours, which is the same amount of time that it would have taken if the passengers drove. 

In a news statement, the company said, the original aircraft scheduled to take the passengers from Oakland to Provo was experiencing steering difficulties.

A replacement plane was sent to the delayed travelers only to discover that the replacement plane was also experiencing maintenance problems.  

A third and final plane arrived in Oakland that needed extra fuel before it could take off.  

Trophy Buck Killed Before Hunting Season Open

Oct 30, 2013

A buck with 24-inch, 3x8 antlers was hunted and killed before deer hunt season opened near Vernal.

Brian Clyde, an official with the Division of Wildlife Resources,  said a teenage girl found the buck gunned down in a field the day before the hunting season opened on Oct. 19 in Naples, Utah.

“It was shot lower in the chest so it didn’t hit any of the vital organs," said Clyde. "It might have traveled a little bit of a distanced. It wouldn’t have just dropped where it was shot. The person who shot it just weren't able to pick it up quickly and take off with it. ”

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in 2010 “enough pharmaceuticals were prescribed to medicate every American adult around-the-clock for one month.”  Officials say this is an issue because many of these drugs fall into the wrong hands and are being misused.

Kye Nordfelt is the coordinator for the Substance Misuse and Abuse Reduction Team (SMART), said the rate for prescription drug abuse in Utah is among one of the highest.  

Hyde Park is Set to Vote on Alcohol Laws

Oct 25, 2013

In northern Utah’s Hyde Park, the sale of alcohol is illegal. On Nov. 5, the city's residents will vote on whether to legalize the sale of alcohol.

Last October, the Hyde Park City Council passed an ordinance that permits alcohol sales. Originally, the Hyde Park Maverick gas station approached the city and asked if it would allow the sale of alcohol.

Utah State University sports invite public to be apart of the "Aggie Nation" with new magazine.
Utah State University

Utah State University sports are now more accessible to alumni and fans with the release of a new magazine.

The digital athletics magazine Aggie Nation debuted Wednesday, highlighting the latest news in USU sports.

"The concept was to create a small digital magazine that we could produce several times a year and be able to tell our stories in an online format to Aggies wherever they are," said Kent Stanley, Associate Vice President for Advancement at USU Athletics.

Geology Museum Coming to USU Campus

Oct 24, 2013

A new geology museum will open up at Utah State University on Nov. 9. During the grand opening, the museum will host a “Rock and Fossil Day” which will also include other exhibits.

The museum will feature meteorites, rocks, minerals and fossils which include invertebrates and vertebrates. Some of the highlights in the museum include a 50-million-year-old fish, ore samples from Utah mines, a six-foot clam from the dinosaur age, 500-year-old trilobites and fossilized lightening strikes.

Utah IT Expert Discusses Health Care Site Glitches

Oct 24, 2013

Open enrollment for the Affordable Care Act started on Oct. 1., the website that allows users to sign up for insurance plans, has been dealing with some technical issues. Kevin Reeve, an IT representative for Utah State University, says one problem the site experienced was it received too many visitors at once. 

The Wounded Warrior 5K takes place this Saturday on the Utah State University campus. Maj. Ammon Campbell from USU’s Army ROTC said the Wounded Warrior Project is a non-profit organization that assists soldiers who have been injured during their military service.

“Our run is simply a way that we have found that students and the community can get involved in participating and supporting that organization,” Campbell said.

The 5K is an opportunity for people to support the estimated 42,000 wounded American soldiers nationwide, he said.