UPR Live Radio Schedule

Tuesday, July 29
12:00 AM
Peter Van De Graaff
3:00 AM
Zorba Paster and Tom Clark
Weekly one-hour call-in on health and wellness.
4:00 AM
Vary by program
A 24-hour news and information service.
5:00 AM
Morning Edition provides news in context, airs thoughtful ideas and commentary, and reviews important new music, books, and events in the arts. All with voices and sounds that invite listeners to experience the stories.
9:00 AM
A daily program of Utah-focused news, events, arts, entertainment, and technology. Produced by Utah Public Radio.
10:00 AM
Lynne Rossetto Kasper
The Splendid Table is a culinary, culture, and lifestyle one-hour program that celebrates food and its ability to touch the lives and feed the souls of everyone. Each week, award-winning host Lynne Rossetto Kasper leads listeners on a journey of the senses and hosts discussions with a variety of writers and personalities who share their passion for the culinary delights.
11:00 AM
Fred Child
Performance Today features live concerts by famous artists in concert halls around the globe and from the American Public Media studios as well as interviews, news and features.
1:00 PM
Bill McGlaughlin
2:00 PM
Peter Van De Graaff
3:00 PM
Vary by program
A 24-hour news and information service.
4:00 PM
Melissa Block, Michele Norris and and Robert Siegel
Since its debut in 1971, this afternoon radio newsmagazine has delivered in-depth reporting and transformed the way listeners understand current events and view the world. Heard by more than 11 million people on over 600 radio stations each week, All Things Considered is one of the most popular programs in America. Every weekday, hosts Melissa Block, Michele Norris, and Robert Siegel present two hours of breaking news mixed with compelling analysis, insightful commentaries, interviews, and special - sometimes quirky - features. Andrea Seabrook hosts a one-hour edition of the program on Saturday and Sunday.
7:00 PM
Kai Ryssdal
Marketplace, hosted by Kai Ryssdal, is the only daily business news program originating in Los Angeles. The 30-minute program, with a reporting style that is lively and unexpected, airs weekday evenings on public radio stations across the United States.
7:30 PM
Carol Off and Jeff Douglas
Since 1968, this current affairs program has explored the heart of a story, whether it's happening in the streets of Belgrade, the dockyards of Vancouver, the boardrooms of Bay Street, or the kitchens of Paris. For 60-minutes every weekday, Barbara Budd and Carol Off host stimulating conversation with fascinating guests, probing features, incisive commentary, and lots more.
8:30 PM
9:00 PM
Bill McGlaughlin
10:00 PM
Peter Van De Graaff