Fridays at 2:00 p.m.

Each week, UnDisciplined introduces its audience to two scientists, working in different fields – and then introduces them to each other. The result is a lively, informative and accessible discussion about the ways in which scientific research impacts all of our lives. 

Friday on the show we're talking about frogs and birds, social media and violence — and why easy answers are never easy. Joining us are Karen Beard, whose most recent study showed a fascinating association between non-native species in Hawaii, and Veronica Pozo, whose recent work shows a frightening connection between social media and police violence. 

Matthew LaPlante, host of Undisciplined, the new science show produced at Utah Public Radio, says “the scientific world is supposed to be a place where ideas come together. Instead, it’s often a place full of really brilliant people who don’t talk to each other.” 

Undisciplined is designed to break down those barriers.