Where to After the Tour de France? The Tour of Utah!

Aug 6, 2012

The 7th annual Tour of Utah bike race is currently wheeling its way through the state. Steve Miller, the Tour's president, spoke with UPR's Brianna Bodily about the race's steady growth in size and reputation.

"The level of competition is very high. It's right there at the level of the Tour de France race but it doesn't have the same spectator base, in large part because it's a young race."

Miller says the race is very comparable to the Tour de France.

This year the race has 7 teams entered that just finished competing in the Tour de France. Miller says based on past growth he's confident about the future:

"Every year the field of riders gets tougher. We have the best cyclists in the world coming to Utah in August to participate in the Tour of Utah. Every year the number of teams that race in the Tour de France and then race in Utah is growing."

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