Utah Republican Party Meets Saturday To Narrow Down AG Candidate List

Dec 13, 2013

The search for Utah's Attorney General continues. Utah  Republican Party leaders will meet Saturday to recommend candidates to replace former AG John Swallow.

The Utah Republican Central Committee will meet to select three of the seven Republican candidates to be considered by Utah Governor Gary Herbert to become Utah's new Attorney General.

Speaking on UPR's Access Utah program, Sen. Jim Dabakis (D-2) said he is not comfortable with the process.

"Some of them (candidates) have real specific problems with connection to Mr. Swallow,"  Dabakis said. "We are going to end up with the same old thing and the same old characters.  It is reprehensible that we are in this position now."

Utah GOP Chair Jim Evans said the person selected to serve as Utah's AG will have to focus on ways to improve the stability of the office and the reputation of Utah's Republican party.

"I think the most important job of the Attorney General is to do the job of Attorney General.  If the next AG does the job in an effective way then the trust will be restored and the confidence rebuilt," Evans said.

The GOP Central Committee  will decide whether  the governor will select an interim AG or someone who will be allowed to seek the AG seat in 2014.  Seven Republican candidates have filed to become Utah's next AG.  For a list of candidates visit the Utah's GOP website.

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