Utah Politicians Check Partisanship at the Door on Access Utah Wednesday

Oct 2, 2012

As the long election season winds down, we’re going to talk politics again, this time with a twist.  We’ll ask several prominent Utah politicians and commentators to check partisan fights at the door share the one or two core political beliefs that motivate them.  Is there an author or thinker who has had an influence on them?  What is their foundational political philosophy?  

We’ll also ask each guest to reach across the aisle and tell us at least one foundational belief on the other side that they can understand as powerful and valid, though they may not subscribe to it themselves.  

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Our guests will include: 

Paul Mero, President of the Sutherland Institute Lavarr Webb, Deseret News columnist, Publisher of Utah Policy.com, and Founder of the Exoro Group Stephen Urquhart, State Senator Herm Olsen, Logan City Councilman and partner in the law firm Hillyard, Anderson and Olsen Lyle Hillyard, State Senator and partner in the law firm Hillyard, Anderson and Olsen Frank Pignanelli, Deseret News columnist, former state legislator and partner in the law firm Foxley and Pignanelli Steve Erickson, Director of the Citizens Education Project Howard Stephenson, State Senator and President of the Utah Taxpayers Association