U.S. Chamber of Commerce Endorses Democratic Friend, Jim Matheson

Aug 22, 2012

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce says it’s sticking with its friends this election, and Democratic Utah Congressman Jim Matheson is one of them. Matheson received the chamber’s endorsement at the Grand America Hotel Tuesday morning.

Rob Engstrom, its national political director, says endorsements are based on voting records: “If you’re an incumbent member and you vote with the U.S. Chamber 70% of the time at a minimum, you’re automatically endorsed. In this case Matheson is nearly 80% with us.”

Engstrom says since Matheson met the threshold for the endorsement, his opponent, Saratoga Springs Mayor Mia Love, wasn’t considered.

Matheson is among a small number of Democrats across the country receiving the backing of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. He says it shows his commitment to the state, not a political party.

"I think my track record is one of pursuing public policies that help our economy grow. I have been on issue after issue after issue in that regard. I believe in open trade. I think we want to open markets around the world for U.S. companies and it’s a big deal for Utah businesses. Or whether it comes to voting to eliminate unnecessary regulations to allow business to move forward in a productive way, these are the votes I take that matter to me because it’s what we want to do to make our economy grow.”

The chamber will spend millions of dollars across the country on T.V. and radio ads to help out candidates like Matheson. Engstrom says this is one of the top five political races in the country the Chamber is watching.