Update: Cinder Pit fire contained

Jul 26, 2013

A wildfire sparked by lighting Thursday afternoon that expanded to about 500 acres was 100 percent contained by Saturday evening, according to a Twitter feed by fire authorities.

The Cinder Pit fire in Washington County burned between the small towns of Veyo and Brookside along Highway 18 north of St. George.

An aircraft drops retardant on an active flank of the Cinder Pit fire.
Credit @UtahFireInfo Twitter

Bureau of Land Management spokeswoman Vicki Tyler says the fire hasn’t grown since Friday morning and says she expects new information on containment later Friday evening.

“The firefighters have made good progress today in securing some line around the fire, however they’re not calling any of it contained," she said.

Fire authorities use GPS technology to map the fire’s footprint. Aircraft dropped retardant and water on the fire Friday as ground crews worked to contain the blaze.

“The last time they did a GPS was this morning and that was 539 acres," Tyler added. "And I just talked to the incident commander and he said there hasn’t been any significant growth, and they will probably call some containment tonight but they’re not calling any right now.”

Twitter user @UtahFireInfo tweeted the fire was expected to be 100 percent contained by Saturday at 7 p.m.