Threat of Violence Closes Cache Valley High School, One Week After School Shooting in Connecticut

Dec 21, 2012

Mountain Crest High School in Cache Valley was closed for the day due to a threat of violence. Kerry Bringhurst reports from Hyrum.

There's a sign asking for any deliveries to be made to call the school's number because the school is on lock-down.

They received information from students on Thursday night of a possible threat, and after spending several hours deciding what to do, they made a decision to close the school on Friday morning.

"A student reported to her father that she had heard some things on campus about a student who was going to bring a gun to school and shoot himself, kill himself, and shoot others as well," says Robert Henke, principal of the school in Hyrum. "We thought if we could narrow it down to who it is or if it's real or not, then we'll deal with that and the school can move on but with so much still in questions and obviously with everything else that's happened with Connecticut, we just decided to err on the side of caution I guess, so I don't know if it was the right choice or not but I'd rather err on that side than make a mistake."

"I just think it's pretty crazy. I never thought that that would happen here in Logan, Utah," says Sean O'Very, a senior at Mountain Crest High School, "I feel like we're pretty sheltered here and that it's a safe place and I expect to go to school each day and feel safe and I feel bad for this person that feels that this is an option to do that."

Officials with the Cache County Sheriff's Office are working with school officials to try to determine who made the threat of the possible suicide-shooting. They're asking students, faculty, and staff to share any information.

School is out for the Christmas holiday but principal Henke says once students return in January there will be additional security assigned to Mountain Crest and teachers will instruct students on how to report or deal with future threats.