Texas Killing Spree Suspect A Former Logan Resident

Jul 10, 2014

A man accused of engaging in a fatal shooting spree in Texas this week has ties to Cache Valley. On Wednesday, 33-year-old former Logan resident Ronald Lee Haskell shot seven members of his ex-wife’s family.

Haskell reportedly dressed as a FedEx employee to gain entrance to the home. The 15-year old daughter of the family attempted to shut the door after telling Haskell her parents were not home. He broke in the door and held the five children at gunpoint until their parents arrived, after which he shot the five children and their parents. 

After Haskell left the premises, the 15-year-old daughter contacted authorities telling them he planning to attack other family members. Authorities engaged in a three-hour stand-off with Haskell before taking him into custody.

In the last six years, Haskell has resided in both Logan and Smithfield where he had several incidents with Logan City Police. He was incarcerated in the Cache County Jail in 2008 on class B misdemeanor charges of simple assault and child abuse or neglect. Upon his wife’s request, he also had a protective order served to him in July of last year. The couple divorced, which was finalized on Feb. 14.

Officials report part of the divorce decree required Haskell to obtain a psychological evaluation and provide documentation that he was emotionally and mentally stable enough to care for his four children without supervision.

Six of the individuals shot, including two boys ages four and fourteen, two girls ages seven and nine and their parents, were killed. The 15-year-old daughter is currently in critical condition.