"Sweatshops in Paradise -- A True Story of Slavery in Modern America" on Access Utah Wendesday

Apr 2, 2013

When nine Vietnamese women arrived at Virginia Sudbury’s law office in Pago Pago, American Samoa she wasn’t sure she would take the case.  She ended up as lead plaintiff attorney in precedent-setting case which drew international attention to issues of involuntary servitude and human trafficking in far-flung U. S. territories.  Virginia Sudbury now lives in Utah, and is author of a new book: “Sweatshops in Paradise—A True Story of Slavery in Modern America.” 

She writes that “trafficking in people is a continuing, hateful, and enticingly lucrative endeavor. It occurs all over the world. It is alive in our fields and in our cities and possibly where we get a pedicure. It happened, in this story, in 2000 in an American territory.” Virginia Sudbury joins Tom Williams for the hour on Wednesday’s Access Utah.

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