Students Around The Country Display Art In Utah State University Show

Nov 30, 2017

Utah State University Chase Fine Arts Center
Credit Utah State University



Various prints hang on the white walls. Clay mugs and colorful sculptures sit on pillars resting against the sparkling wooden floor of the Tippetts and Eccles Gallery during an art showcase called Paper and Clay.


“There’s functional stuff, utilitarian, also a lot of sculptural stuff, so it has a full range of work that’s in there. Same with printmaking. There’s stuff that’s much more derivative of the landscape and then stuff that’s more conceptual,” said Tom Alward, a USU graduate student in the ceramics program.

“It set out to unify some of the elements that bring those mediums and components together. A big part of the show for the jurors and people that put together the show was what are the pieces that showcase the material and really speak to the authenticity of printmaking and clay work, so those were really the unifying elements that brought the work together,” he said.


Students from around the western United States applied online to enter their work, and the show is almost fully funded by the art school’s differential tuition.