Snowy Weather puts Logan’s Green Waste Collection into Winter-Long Hibernation

Nov 15, 2013

Many Northern Utah residents woke up to a blanket of white on the ground Friday morning—a signal the seasons may finally be changing. Another greener indication that winter is upon the state is changing green waste collection schedules.

In Logan, the city will soon be asking residents to put their green waste bins into hibernation until March.

Logan’s green waste program started in 1994 and expanded to include roadside service in 2000. Conservation Coordinator Emily Malik said the city collects thousands of pounds of waste each year.

“Green waste that we’ve received at the landfill has grown every year. For instance, in 2010 we got about 8,400 tons, in 2011 about 10,000 tons and in 2012, 12,500 tons,” Malik said.

Malik said residents who need to dispose of green waste after the final collection on November 22 can bring it directly to the city’s facilities, where lawn clippings, branches and leaves are given a second life.

“We can decompose it and turn it into compost, which we sell at our facility. We also take the trees and branches and chip them into woodchips. It is just another way to recycle the material instead of landfilling it,” Malik said.

Roadside pickup of Christmas trees from specific locations around the city will also be available between December 16 and January 10.