Petersen Elected Logan City Mayor

Nov 6, 2013

Craig Petersen was elected mayor of Logan City Tuesday.
Credit Craig Petersen

Craig Petersen was elected Logan City Mayor on Tuesday, beating incumbent Randy Watts 2,504 to 2,100 votes. In his new position, Petersen said he plans to begin reviewing city policies and procedures.

"I went from conducting a campaign to being mayor-elect overnight," said Peterson. "It's kind of an abrupt transition to realize it really happened."

Petersen’s campaign platform focused on plans to improve the quality of life of those living in Logan.  Reducing traffic congestion, revising city policies to make them more business friendly, and addressing sidewalk and rental issues are matters Petersen said he will address now that he has been elected.

"I think those are things that are possible with changes in the culture, expectations, and policy.  So that may be the low hanging fruit I think I will address first,” Petersen said.

Rejuvenating core neighborhoods by providing land use incentives and needed infrastructure and enforcing property maintenance and occupancy standards are projects he said will require more time to accomplish.

“The neighborhood issues are much more complicated and they will take more time, but we will begin working on those as well,” he said.

In 1994 Petersen was elected to serve on the Cache County Council and has been Council Chair four times. Prior to his election to the council he was a member of the Logan City Planning and Zoning Commission. The swearing-in ceremony for Mayor-elect Petersen is scheduled for Jan. 7, 2014 during a Logan Municipal Council meeting.