Peter Cooke Stops By USU on Campaign Trail

Sep 12, 2012


Democratic gubernatorial candidate Peter Cooke was in Logan for a town hall meeting on Monday night.

A retired General and USU alumnus, Cooke stopped by the Utah State campus on Monday for a town hall meeting with students and community members. The candidate for governor was asked about his positions on a wide range of Utah issues, from air quality to concerns about Hill Air Force Base.

USU College Democrats president Briana Bowen thinks the event was a good way for voters to get to know Cooke.

"It's a great chance when you have town halls and candidate events for people to be able to have that one-on-0ne sense of who a person is and what makes them tick."

Cooke hopes audience members left monday night feeling empowered.

"When you leave here, do you believe you and I can make a difference? If I can get that across and not try to sell you on the fact that I have all the answers, then I think that's the way leaders respond."

But not everyone was completely won over. USU professor Jean Lown, when asked if Cooke had her vote, responded a bit ambiguously.

"I'm not gonna vote for Governor Herbert, that's for sure."

Cooke plans to have another town hall at Utah State sometime before the election.