Ogden Rated Most Affordable for Homebuying

Nov 19, 2012

Where is the most affordable place in America to buy a home? According to CNN Money, it’s Ogden.

 On Friday, the business website named the Weber County city as the most affordable metro area to buy a home in the U.S.  Mayor Mike Caldwell says because most of Ogden was built out by the 1950s, prices have remained affordable. 

“We don’t have these huge tracks of kind of the McMansions and the suburban neighborhoods that kind of just grew out of the ground really fast that I think hurt some of the stability in some of the other real estate markets. So, because we were built out and we didn’t see that big boom, it kept things really reasonable.”


CNN Money lists Ogden as having incomes that are 10% higher than the national median, while home prices are about 14% lower.  Rounding out the top three cities are Youngstown, Ohio, and Indianapolis, Indiana.