New Cache County School Alerts System A Way To Increase Communication Between Parents And Educators

Jan 7, 2014

Parents of students attending schools in Cache County can participate in a new communication system.  The Alert Solutions Power Announcement system is a way for district administrators, teachers and staff to inform parents about events and happenings at their students' school.

Cache County School District personnel said the announcement system will alert parents of school closures, attendance records, general announcements and possible emergency situations.

Parents can also access information about grades and school forms by using a protected password.

Sign up for the Cache County School Districts Alert service.

If parents don’t have a Powerschool account, they can contact the school of each child to request a “Parent Account Letter.” These letters will also be sent via secure email to parents who don’t currently have accounts.

The Parent Account Letter outlines the steps required to create an account and contains your student’s Access ID and password needed to link your account with your student’s Powerschool information.  

The Access ID and password ARE NOT student’s network username and password used by them to log into Powerschool. Since students do not have access to update this information in their accounts, parents must create their own account.

With this service, personnel at the school possess the ability to contact parents quickly in the following situations:

  • Emergencies
  • School Closures
  • General School Announcements
  • Specific communications regarding your student
  • Newsletters
  • School forms and information
  • Password protected documents, such as report cards, progress reports, parent account letters, transcripts, etc.
  • Non-attendance and/or tardy notifications
  • Lunch balance warning (in the future)
  • Email, voice, SMS text messages from teachers

The district said the system is fully functioning but school and district personnel are being trained to effectively use the system over the next few months.