'Mormon Moms' Compete In Popular Bible Game Show

May 20, 2014

Jill, Deborah, and Heidi put their bible smarts to the test at "The American Bible Challenge."

The bible is making a mighty comeback in the U.S. with the highest rated show in the history of the Game Show Network: “The American Bible Challenge.” This high energy program brings together a colorful range of teams from every religious denomination across the country to put their knowledge of The Good Book to the test.

Deborah Dushku Gardner is a member of the first ever Mormon team to compete on the show. They call themselves “The Mormon Moms.”

“It’s a little bit crazy. It’s kind of a mix between 'The Price is Right' and 'Jeopardy'," said Gardner. "There’s a lot of jumping around. You would think that a bible trivia show would have some reverence to it, but it’s not. It was just an amazing experience. It was so silly and so fun and yet you still had to use your brains. You really had to be on top of things.”

These teams play not for personal benefit or prestige, but for charity. These three women will play for the charity “One Heart Bulgaria.”

“We give aid and create programs for twenty orphanages in Bulgaria. I served my mission there and I have a lot of contacts there and ties there. It has just been amazing to be able to continue to work with the people there and their orphanages. So that’s what we do,” said Gardner.

Tune into the Game Show Network to see the premiere of "The American Bible Challenge" which will air on Thursday, May 22 at 8/7 central.