Mental Illness Awareness, Part 3: Coming Out

Oct 25, 2012

Earlier this month the National Association of Mental Illness held awareness events to help dispel myths and promote understanding. This week Utah Public Radio introduced you to three of our contributors -- April Ashland, Ryan Cunningham, and Storee Powell. Today, we continue their brave conversation in the hopes that listeners can feel better prepared and open to understanding mental illness.

"Don't tiptoe around it. I've told a few people. I don't usually tell people because they do look at you different. They think 'Oh, you're sick.' No, I'm just me. Other people tell me, 'You're so strong for being able to deal with this.' No, I'm not. This is my thing. You have whatever you have but this is my thing and part of that is making it a part of me and running with it." -- April Ashland