Logan Canyon Rescue Takes Criminal Turn

Jun 4, 2014

A rescue effort was underway Wednesday in Logan Canyon. Two women, who claim to have been stranded for multiple days in the canyon, contacted another hiker in the area around 10 a.m. who called for help.

Rescue efforts in Logan Canyon took an unexpected turn Wednesday.
Credit www.fhwa.dot.gov

Medical and search and rescue crews were dispatched to Logan Canyon where they assisted the 19- and 46-year-old women down the mountain. However, the case has taken a criminal turn since the rescue.

“Right now it’s developed more from a search and rescue incident into a criminal incident while they are investigating both of them for drug related issues,” said Lt. Doyle Peck from the Cache County Sheriff’s Office.

Peck said it is still unclear how long the women were stranded in the canyon. He said their truck was found stuck in a snow bank near Right Hand Fork Canyon and added the 19-year-old was exhibiting signs of drug use including strange behavior during the rescue. She was arrested on an outstanding warrant.

The 46-year-old was taken to the hospital for treatment related to exposure. The Cache County Sheriff’s Office is continuing the investigation.