"How to Knock a Bravebird from her Perch" on Thursday's Access Utah

Feb 20, 2014

After two years of marriage, a gnawing feeling leads Belinda "Pecan" Morrow to suspect that getting married before the conclusion of her senior year in high school and after her father's sudden death--was a huge mistake. She packs up her few belongings and her baby girl and attempts to leave her husband, Ricky Morrow, an up-and-coming boxing sensation from Mississippi. 

Credit dbryantsimmons.com

When he catches her, she learns that Ricky has no qualms about using his fists outside of the ring. As the years roll by, Pecan does her best to protect herself physically and her four girls emotionally from the tornado that is Ricky.  Then one day he crosses the line and their marriage comes to a dramatic end. But leaving Ricky is only the beginning because as she quickly finds out, he doesn’t need to live under the same roof to wreak havoc in their lives. D. Bryant Simmons says that her novel "How To Knock a Bravebird From Her Perch" was inspired by the women in her family who have suffered and survived domestic violence for three generations. D. Bryant Simmons was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. She has earned a B.A. in Sociology and a M.Ed. in Elementary Education. She is a mother, entrepreneur, and advocate for female empowerment