Hill Air Force Base Chosen As Operations Base For New Fighter Jets

Dec 5, 2013

Hill Air Force Base has been chosen to be the operational base for a fleet of the new fighter jets known as F-35s, the newest version of fighter planes from the Air Force also known as Lightning IIs.

Hill Air Force Base will soon be home to 72 new F35s.
Credit https://www.f35.com/

Utah was picked to host the new planes for a variety of reasons, one being Hill Air Force Bases’ Close Proximity to Utah’s test and training range. John Petroff, Davis County Commission Chair, said Hill Air Force Base was chosen for more than its prime location.  

“I really think, as much as anything is because of the outstanding men and women out there on the base,” said Petroff. “They always score as high or higher than air force bases around the world in terms of their workload and their capability. So, we’re proud to be a part of that group and we’re proud that they’re here in Davis County and we’re just really excited for them and of the payoff for all the work they’ve done to be the first ones to get these.”

Petroff said before being chosen to host the new planes, Hill Air Force Base was required to have an extensive research performed.

“They did an environmental impact study in terms of noise and things like that. Of course the citizens of Davis County, once again, said that they consider the noise an air plane makes coming off that base the sound of freedom. We’re willing to tolerate that and actually embrace that because we know that there are men and the women that are fighting to preserve our way of life,” said Petroff.

Utah was selected for the new Lightning IIs over Burlington Air Guard Station in Vermont and Training – Luke Air Force Base in Arizona.

Hill Air Force Base will receive 72 the fighter jets in 2015.

Morgan Pratt is a sophomore at Utah State University seeking a degree in Journalism and Communications.