Govorner Appoints New Second District Judge

Mar 14, 2014

Governor Gary Herbert has appointed Joseph M. Bean fill Judge Michael Lyon’s spot in the Second District Court. Lyons retired in September.

Governor Gary Herbert appointed Joseph Bean to be a Second District Judge.

Herbert said choosing judges is the most important aspect of his job, and that he has appointed 37 since being governor.

"I go through an extensive review process and interview process where I have a face-to-face conversation," Herbert said. "I tell you, I pick the person that I think is best suited for the batch."

Bean is currently the president and managing partner at Bean & Micken in Layton. He has also been a judge for Syracuse City since 1993. Bean graduated from the University of Utah and received his Juris Doctor in 1989.

"I will strive to continue to uphold the highest principles of justice, kindness, civility and integrity put into practice by my predecessor and those who continue to serve the people of Utah as judges on all levels," Bean said.