Florence Williams And "The Nature Fix" on Tuesday's Access Utah

Feb 7, 2017

Credit W. W. Norton & Company

In an era when humans spend much of their time indoors staring at the dim glow of a screen, many of us have forgotten the simple pleasure of a stroll through a wooded glen, a hike up a secluded mountain path, or a nap in the grass. Williams muses, many of us have a dog or go to the beach occasionally. But is that enough?

In The Nature Fix, prize-winning science journalist Williams asks, "What if?" What if something serious is missing from our lives? What if an occasional trip to the neighborhood park isn't enough? What if we've turned our backs on something that isn't merely pleasant and enjoyable, but is in fact vital to our happiness, our capacity to learn, and even our survival? And if the latest science shows that nature is necessary in our live, how do we recapture it?