Family Matters on AU Wednesday

May 29, 2012

You may have been following NPR’s series, “Family Matters: The Money Squeeze,” heard Tuesdays on Morning Edition. Record numbers of adult children, middle-aged parents, and elderly grandparents are living under the same roof and doing their best to deal with the emotional and financial stresses. Many others are dealing with similar issues while not living together. Some economists are calling those middle-aged parents ”the sandwich generation.” 

On Wednesday’s Access Utah, NPR’s David Greene joins us to talk about “Family Matters.”  Then we’ll talk with a Utah member of “the sandwich generation,” Highland mother, Janice Hayes.  We’d love to hear your story as well. We'll also hear from Utah State University Associate Professor Lucy Delgadillo about how to make the transitions work. 

At the end of the program BYU Assistant Professor of Marketing, Jeffrey Larson, will tell us about a new study he recently co-authored, which shows that setting a budget when shopping for a an item such as a new TV can be the wrong thing to do.