Centennial Park Polygamous Community on Wednesday's Access Utah

Jun 11, 2013

Credit channel.nationalgeographic.com

In Utah we often have occasion to talk about polygamy. But it is rarer to be able to talk with people who practice it. Wednesday we'll talk with members of the Centennial Park community near the Arizona/Utah border. They are being featured on National Geographic Channel’s Polygamy USA series and recently recorded their stories when UPR hosted StoryCorps in St. George.

We’ll ask them why they practice polygamy. What is everyday life like in Centennial Park? What do they think of other polygamous groups like the FLDS? Is their community oppressive to women & a drain on welfare resources, as some think about many polygamous groups? What about underage and forced marriages? Since polygamy is still illegal in Arizona, do they fear prosecution? Should the law be changed? What reactions do they get, generally, from those outside their community?