Cellist Amit Peled on Monday's Access Utah

Mar 11, 2013

Credit www.gscmusic.org

Amit Peled was raised on an Israeli kibbutz listening to cassette tapes of the great Spanish cellist Pablo Casals.  He went on to become a prominent cellist in his own right and was recently selected to play Pablo Casals’ cello.    

 Amit Peled performed recently on the USU campus. He says that he’s trying to bring classical music back to a time when Horowitz and Heifetz performed and people stood in line during the night to get tickets. He says that classical music is about emotions just as much as the music of Michael Jackson and the Beatles.  We’ll talk with Amit Peled about how he found his voice as a musician, what it was like growing up on a kibbutz, and training a new generation of musicians.