Cache County deputies growing beards for domestic violence awareness

Oct 1, 2013

October 1 marks the beginning of Domestic Violence Awareness Month and with it 30 days of facial hair freedom for Cache County Sheriffs and Deputies.

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month and Cache County police officers are growing facial hair to raise money and awareness.
Credit U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

The officers are able to purchase a month-long beard permit for $30, which will be donated to the Community Abuse Prevention Services Agency.

"We were willing to relax the rules for 30 days on facial hair," said Chief Deputy of Cache County Police Brad Slater. "It's just an effort to try and do something a little unique and see if we can raise some funds for a good organization and more importantly raise the awareness of the issue and the problem that does exist."

CAPSA is a nonprofit organization in Logan, Utah dedicated to helping victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse by providing domestic violence services, shelter services, sexual assault and rape services, educational support groups, teen services, and transitional housing.

Though many officers are excited to participate, there are some projected hurdles to full involvement in the fundraiser. "We have some staff because of their position we have to be careful in their facial hair," said Slater. "They may have to, in an emergency, put on equipment that would need to be fitting their face and sometimes facial hair with some of that equipment can be a problem.  So, there may be some that will grow a mustache or grow a goatee so they can still perform the emergency functions of their position.”

The fundraiser will continue through October.