Bid or Add an Item in UPR's 60th Anniversary Auction

May 16, 2013

Photographs and other items available now on the online auction.

UPR's 60th Anniversary Auction is currently underway, and more items are being added each day.

Add an item to the auction


Peruse and bid on the item(s) of your choice.

The auction is open now through the evening of Tuesday, June 18. First time bidders must register before proceeding. Former users simply log in.


Fill out the form for a new bidder, and click register. The form will then show again, with a link at the top that says, "Please Click Here to Begin Bidding!" which will link you back to the main page of the auction.


From the main page of the auction, you can navigate to different item categories using the listing on the right side of the page. To place a bid, click on the yellow arrow, and enter the dollar amount you are willing to pledge.

To look at your bids, and see if you have been out-bid and need to renew to a higher amount, click on the "My bids" tab and adjust bids accordingly.

The auction concludes with a bidding war which begins at 7 p.m. on Tuesday June 18.The auction concludes with a bidding war which begins at 7 p.m. on Tuesday June 18.
The bidding war is a way to allow bidders to defend their bids at the last minute. You must be logged in to participate in the bidding war. The war starts at the top page with a 15 second timer. Each item on that page will count down. If there is a new bid, the clock will start over at 10 seconds. The bidding for that item ends when the timer hits zero. If you can’t remember what your last bid was for that item, be sure to click the “My Bids” tab. However, once the timer has begun for a particular item, if you leave the bidding war page you cannot return to that item during the countdown, so be sure to know ahead of time what your last bid was before the clock begins on that item.