Adult Children Would Rather Talk About Sex With Aging Parents Than Take Away Car Keys

May 9, 2014

As families are getting together to celebrate Mother’s Day, some are facing the difficult situation of taking away car keys from an aging parent  who is no longer fit to drive. A new survey reports the majority of adult children would rather discuss sex with their elderly parents than take away their privilege to drive.

Visiting Angels put out a study that says adult children would rather discuss sex with their aging parent than take away their car keys.

Sue Yannello is a representative for Visiting Angels, the company that put out the study and provides in-home care for elderly people.  

“We know that a big problem for the aging is that they still want to remain independent," she said. "Part of that independence comes when they get behind the wheel and drive. But sometimes as we age, we shouldn’t be on the road.”

Yannello said she offers caution when bringing up the troublesome conversation.  

“After Mother’s Day, it may be a good time to talk to your siblings about it," she said. "And then figure out how to bring up the subject where everybody agrees and it is not just one child saying it,” Yannello said.

Chances are, Mom will take the conversation better than Dad will, according to the survey. 70 percent of people said their mom would be relieved that she wouldn’t have to drive anymore, while 70 percent of survey takers also said that their dads may write them out of their will due to the intervention. 

“It is important because what you really care about is the safety of your mom and dad. And if you don’t have the conversation, God forbid something terrible happened,” Yannello said.

Alternative solutions include in-home day programs for aging adults and senior driving safety programs.