2nd Amendment Won't Prevent Target Shooting Ban in Utah

Jul 3, 2012

State forester Dick Buehler is expected to issue new rules within days after consulting with local authorities.

Buehler told UPR's Brianna Bodily that he has been authorized by Utah's Governor Herbert and legislative leaders to ban shooting in unincorporated areas where he deems the fire risk to be extreme.

"There's an area down in Utah County where we've had 100% of the fires started by target shooting."

For weeks state officials have said they were powerless to ban gun use because of Second Amendment rights, but legislative leaders say they found an obscure state law that empowers the State forester to act in an emergency.

State Fire Marshall Brent Halladay says 21 of Utah's wildfires this year were ignited by sparks from target shooter's bullets.

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