State, Industry Partner To Prepare Students For Careers

On Tuesday, Gov. Gary Herbert announced the creation of a new grant program to help provide work-based learning programs for adults and students.

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Islam 101: Logan Islamic Center Holds Open Discussion

Mar 2, 2017
Katherine Taylor

The first thing you notice when you walk into the Logan Islamic Center is the quiet. Even footsteps are muffled, since shoes are left at the door. The upstairs prayer area is carpeted and empty, leaving room where worshippers can kneel and pray facing east. Downstairs is more relaxed. Bookshelves hold boxes of crayons and snacks for kids. A spirit of peace and reflection fills every corner of the mosque.


Utah’s House of Representatives has approved changes to the state’s stand-your-ground self-defense law making it clear that people don’t need to try to run away before using force, including deadly force, against someone.

Young people took some of the worst hits in the 2008 financial crisis. Utah’s Millennials, roughly one-third of the state’s population, are bucking national trends in home ownership and family formation. The outlook is bleak enough, however, to question whether the American Dream will still be a possibility for the next generation of adults.

Using Documentaries to Raise Questions About Society

Mar 1, 2017

The Oscars on Sunday recognized documentaries about immigrants and refugees, including the documentary short winner “The White Helmets.” And at this years Sundance Film Festival, a panel of filmmakers discussed how their art is used to encourage social inquiry.


On Tuesday, President Trump said he wants to cut billions from non-defense programs to give to the defense and security budget. The proposed budget changes could affect the Center for Persons with Disabilities in Utah.

Dani Hayes

Last weekend the city of Delta, Utah held its annual Snow Geese Festival.  Each year the Gunnison Bend Reservoir near Delta is inundated with thousands of geese stopping on their lengthy trip to northwest Canada.  Every year snow geese stop at the reservoir to rest and feed.

Approaching the end of the 2017 state legislative session, Austin Cox, the campaign manager for Our Schools Now, admitted that it is becoming clear that the quickest path to passing the initiative will be through the ballot box in 2018. Lawmakers have criticized the proposal’s 7/8ths of one percent state income tax increase, calling it a 17 and a half percent hike. Cox said that opponents of Our Schools Now are using language that is somewhat misleading.

Austin Elder

A human powered drill developed in Utah is being used in third world countries to provide access to water.

In February, more than 1,000 residents living in a remote fishing and agricultural village were the first in Belize to benefit from the technology.

University of Utah

After protests from community members and hundreds of letters sent to elected officials, state lawmakers and local leaders on Friday announced an updated plan for addressing homelessness in Salt Lake County.

Nate Stephenson

The drought in California has been killing trees at an unprecedented rate. Nate Stephenson, research ecologists for the U.S. Geological Survey, advises local land managers with these kind of problems. 


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The U.S. women's national soccer team got some disappointing (and not unexpected) news Friday — it fell out of first place in the FIFA world rankings for the first time in years. The demotion follows a last-place finish in a U.S.-hosted tournament of some of the world's best teams earlier this month.

When China took control of Hong Kong from Great Britain back in 1997, voting rights for all was one of the promises it made. These were rights Britain never gave the island's citizens during its 156-year rule.

This Sunday's election in Hong Kong was expected to be the first in which each and every resident would be allowed to vote for the city's top leader, the chief executive. But it won't be the case. Many city residents are calling Sunday "Selection Day," since they won't be allowed to vote directly.

Utah Gov. Gary Herbert has signed a bill into law that lowers the maximum blood alcohol limit for drivers to .05 percent from the current legal threshold of .08 percent — giving Utah the strictest drunken driving law in the nation.

In addition to drivers, the law applies to anyone carrying a dangerous weapon.

A last-minute attempt by conservative Republicans to dump standards for health benefits in plans sold to individuals would probably lower the average person's upfront insurance costs, such as premiums and deductibles, say analysts on both sides of the debate to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act.

But it will very likely also induce insurers to offer much skimpier plans, potentially excluding the gravely ill and putting consumers at greater financial risk if they need care.

Former Egyptian Leader Mubarak Released

3 hours ago

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