Road Closure in Duchesne County for a drainage culvert replacement on 4000 North in Cedarview from 3000 West to the Neola Highway Intersection. Starting on Monday March 20th until Friday April 28th. Please use the North Cove Road (1000 North) as the primary detour route. 

Katherine Taylor

Above normal precipitation and warm temperatures in late February led to extensive flooding in northern Utah this winter.  The Bear River Health Department has announced free bacteria testing for residents whose primary source of water is wells, and have experienced flooding in Cache, Box Elder and Rich Counties. 

'Operation Underground Railroad' Saves 29 Haitian Girls

Mar 15, 2017
Operation Underground Railroad



A recent Operation Underground Railroad rescue mission in Haiti saved 29 girls suspected to be sex trafficking victims.


The operatives also arrested 9 traffickers. Alongside Haitian officials and Haiti’s Minor Protection Brigade, the Utah organization spent two months undercover planning the rescue mission by researching the location, meeting with traffickers and setting up the operation.

Box Elder County Commissioner Stan Summers and his family receive health insurance through the county government. However, according to Summers, that has not kept him from feeling the impact of the rising cost of healthcare, either personally or as a county official.

Bonanza Flat borders Salt Lake and Summit Counties but is nestled in the upper elevations of the Wasatch Mountains, in Wasatch County.

Dana Sohm / Natural History Museum of Utah

There’s something primal about gazing at the stars on a dark clear night. Something ancient, powerful and romantic. However, there are some people that just don’t get to share in that experience anymore.

VidAngel Releases First Full-Length Movie

Mar 13, 2017

After the recent court ruling requiring VidAngel to take down their custom-edited movies, VidAngel announced their first theatrical film release.

Food Banks Make Case For Funding

Mar 10, 2017

One in six people in Utah struggle with hunger, according to the group Feeding America, and 1 in 5 Utah children don't know where to get a next meal.

Such statistics are why hunger-fighting groups are concerned about possible cuts to federal nutrition programs under the Trump administration.

‘No-Promo Homo’ Bill Passes Out of Utah House

Mar 10, 2017

A measure striking down a school curriculum statute known as “no-promo homo” passed through the Utah House with only one dissenting vote on Wednesday, making its way to Gov. Gary Herbert’s desk with bi-partisan support.

Kay Ray, Fall Line Photography

On a brisk and sunny morning in Logan Canyon I got to see one of the great northern traditions that is still practiced by outdoorsman who love dogs and snow. The Cache Valley K9 Challenge is hosted every year at Peter Sinks in Logan Canyon and is made possible through the collaboration of Cache Valley Mushers, Arctic Breeds Rescue, the Utah Department of Transportation, and the Forest Service.  Teams of 4,6, and 8 dogs, or a 2 dog junior team, pull mushers on 7 or 12 miles of groomed track.



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The Latest From NPR

The White House says President Trump has a new special assistant on his staff — his daughter Ivanka. The announcement comes a week after the president's oldest daughter moved into her own office in the West Wing to work on women's issues.

Her shift from an informal adviser at the White House to an unpaid government employee is small but important. She was already applying for security clearance, had access to classified information and was meeting with world leaders.

The U.S. Census Bureau published a list on Tuesday of more than 50 planned topics of questions for the 2020 Census and the American Community Survey.

Today the United Kingdom formally told the European Union it is leaving, after decades of membership in the 28-nation political alliance and trading bloc. The move triggers an estimated two-year divorce process that will involve many months of tough negotiations and will launch Britain on a new, uncertain path.

Addressing the House of Commons in London, Prime Minister Theresa May said Brexit is an opportunity for her country to chart a new course, unencumbered by the bureaucracy of the multilateral organization based in Brussels.

After millions of dollars of flood damage and mass evacuations this year, California is grappling with how to update its aging flood infrastructure. Some say a natural approach might be part of the answer.

All the water that poured down spillways at the Oroville Dam in northern California did a lot of damage to the area — and for miles down the river.

"It looks like a bomb's gone off," says John Carlon of River Partners, a nonprofit that does river restoration. "That's what it looks like."

A new Missouri law cuts off a line of funding to all organizations that provide abortions in the state, including hospitals.

For years, Missouri has helped low-income women pay for family planning under a Medicaid program called Extended Women's Health Services, which is funded by both the state and the federal governments.

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