UPR Original Series

Utah Public Radio is an award-winning news source with a vast range of original series.

A State of Addiction: Utah's Opioid Epidemic

In this 13-part series, we explore the issue of opioids in Utah, hear people’s stories, dissect the complexities and explore possible solutions. New episodes air every week on Utah Public Radio.

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Crossing Borders

This UPR original series is a yearlong storytelling project about barriers that are crossed to pursue goals or make changes in society.

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Utah Works

Utah Works is a new series of short stories about the way we work in Utah, told in participants’ own words.

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Objectified: More Than A Body

This 11-episode radio series showcases the people and programs empowering Utah women and girls.

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Roots of Brazil

"Roots of Brazil" is a 5-part radio series exploring Brazil's cultural origins by illuminating Salvador da Bahia, a city at the center of the country's rich history.

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54 Strong: A Civil Rights Pilgrimage

A group of 54 people from Utah State University, as well as the University of Washington and Bellevue College, traveled to the South on a Civil Rights pilgrimage. They brought back first-hand accounts of whose personal history influenced the history we learn about today. 

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UPR's Kitchen Sisters Storytelling Project

Utah Public Radio reporters and producers spent 2 days training with award-winning audio producers the Kitchen Sisters. The workshop resulted in a series of storytelling projects with a unique style. This style includes detailed uses of sound and music with minimal or no narration from the reporter or producer. Each story is told by the voices in the story, highlighted with music and sound.

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Wild About Utah

Utah is a state endowed with many natural wonders from red rock formations to salt flats. And from desert wetlands to columns of mountains forming the basin and range region. When we look closer, nature is everywhere including just outside our door.

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The Source

A yearlong exploration with the people whose knowledge is used to manage Utah’s most precious resource - water.

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52 Strong: USU Civil Rights Pilgrimage

Utah State University Assistant Professor of Global Communication Jason Gilmore with a group of college students traveled by bus to Selma, Alabama for the anniversary of Bloody Sunday. Along the way, the group of 52 stopped at sites important to the Civil Rights Movement. Gilmore sent UPR reports from the road.

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