UPR Holiday Special Sponsorship

Thank you for supporting Utah Public Radio!

Similar to the UPR Day Sponsorship, the UPR Holiday Special Sponsorship allows you to personalize a holiday on-air message for UPR’s airwaves. This special is available for an additional gift of $200 made between November 7, 2017 – December 21, 2017, at which point the messages will begin airing. It’s a unique way to share season’s greetings, and it also supports UPR with a tax-deductible gift for 2017!

These Holiday Special Sponsorship messages will be read 6 times between December 23, 2017 – January 1, 2017, or December 12-20, 2017, unless prohibited by technical difficulties or special broadcasting.

If you are familiar with crafting a message as a Day Sponsor, you will notice that these are similar, but more targeted in their messaging for the winter season. Day Sponsorship messages are always available, year-round and throughout the holiday season, by making a $365 donation. Click here for details.

With this sponsorship you will choose a date range from the following options:

·         December 12-20, 2017
·         December 23-27, 2017
·         December 28, 2017 – January 1, 2018

And then craft a message using the following formula:

Support for Utah Public Radio comes from ___(your name)______ of ______(hometown)_______.
Wishing you (a) ______(choose one below)__________.

•             Happy Holidays
•             Merry Christmas
•             Season’s Greetings
•             Happy Hanukkah 
•             Happy 2018
•             Happy New Year


Support for Utah Public Radio comes from Sally Jones of Mendon, wishing you Happy Holidays.

Support for Utah Public Radio comes from the Smith family, wishing you a Happy New Year.

Support for Utah Public Radio comes from Kathy and John Stewart of Cedar City, wishing you Season’s Greetings.

We are looking forward to hearing your message throughout the state of Utah!

Questions? Contact katie.swain@usu.edu