Virtual reality

Utah State University's landscape architecture and design program uses virtual reality
Bronson Teichert

A community in the mountains is being designed by students at Utah State University. They’re using a new technology to get a bird’s eye view of the project.


The virtual reality film "Melting Ice" featuring Al Gore aims to help the audience connect global events to their personal lives.


Movie goers attending the opening of the Sundance Film festival in Park City witnessed the growing of a new format, virtual reality or VR films. One of the VR films, Hue, uses human interaction to help the character deal with depression.

When you first see Hue, his outline is black, made more distinct because of a plain white background - a colorless space with a desk. Through the use of a headset and a hand controller, the viewer virtually interacts with the cartoon. Hue responds and gradually the room begins to fill with color.

Persons With Disabilities Get a Second Life

Dec 17, 2015
Melissa Allison

It’s not every day that you get invited to go sailing on a yacht so when Evie Wolf, an avid sailor from Utah invited me out, I couldn’t resist.