So far, Governor Herbert has signed 136 of the 535 total passed bills during the 2017 legislative session. One of those bills signed will gradually wind down the $2,000 tax credit that homeowners can receive when they install rooftop solar panels. 

Utah House Of Representatives

House Joint Resolution 18’s sponsor, North Salt Lake Republican Rep. Rebecca Edwards, along with Salt Lake City Democratic Rep. Joel Briscoe, collaborated with students from state universities and high schools to craft a measure addressing the causes and consequences of rising temperatures and supporting a commitment to “conservative environmental stewardship.”

University of Utah

After protests from community members and hundreds of letters sent to elected officials, state lawmakers and local leaders on Friday announced an updated plan for addressing homelessness in Salt Lake County.

Justin Prather

Thursday the Clean Air Caucus, composed of Republicans and Democrats from Utah’s House and Senate, met to discuss statewide air quality concerns and legislation proposed to address the issue. 

What Does It Mean To Be An American In The 2016 Election?

Oct 19, 2016

Like every other election year, Americans are discussing issues like economics, freedom of speech and foreign affairs. But since the 2016 American presidential candidates announced their bids in 2015, conversations have erupted about issues like race, gender and national security. It has left Americans asking themselves what it means to be an American, and which candidate most adequately represents those ideals.

When Women Run, Women Win...Except When They Don't

Oct 4, 2016
Jennifer Pemberton

There aren’t many women serving in Utah’s legislature, but a new law this election year gives hopeful political candidates a new way to get on the their party’s primary ballot.  Jennifer Pemberton looked into whether or not the new alternative to Utah’s caucus-convention system might help more women get elected.