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Utah police say a 16-year-old student accused of stabbing five other students inside his high school locker room stabbed himself before he was subdued with a Taser and taken into custody.

BLM Changes Rule To Invite Green Energy Firms

Nov 14, 2016

The Bureau of Land Management hopes to attract more developers of green energy by providing financial incentives for companies to set up shop on lands with the highest producing potential. The new rules are also designed to streamline the process for wind and solar energy production while awarding leases competitively.

The mood at republican headquarters was electric as voting totals came in.

Utah’s 3rd congressional district representative, Jason Chaffetz joined the crowd. Chaffetz withdrew his endorsement of Trump about a month ago, but says he ended up voting for the candidate.

The rest of the state's congressional delegation -- Reps. Jason Chaffetz, Chris Stewart and Rob Bishop -- are incumbents who won big last night.

Love became the first black Republican woman in Congress two years ago. She overcame a challenge from Doug Owens - for the second time. Owens is a Democrat who made their last matchup a close contest in the previously blue district.

Interview with Keaton Smoot at the USU's Republican Club's party.


Several candidates on the right tried to win over disaffected Republicans in Utah. However, what seemed like promising territory soon turned into a disappointment for independent and third party campaigns.

Utah Public Radio's Aimee Cobabe interviews Cathy Snyder, a former officer with the Cache Democratic Party. 


UPR's Evan Hall spoke with Joel Searby, chief strategist and campaign manager for Evan McMullin.

What's The One Thing Voters Can Agree On?

Nov 8, 2016
Aimee Cobabe


Voters are lined up to vote in person at the Cache County Clerk’s Office in Logan and others are dropping off their mail-in ballots in a drop-box.

The voters I’ve talked with are saying they’re happy to vote, but they’re not happy about everything in this election.

Making All Votes Count In Wyoming

Nov 7, 2016

The ACLU of Wyoming is advising residents to bring documentation of their citizenship to the polls on Tuesday.

Death Threats Not Slowing McMullin Down

Nov 4, 2016


Independent presidential candidate Evan McMullin and running mate Mindy Finn made a stop in Logan on Friday. Before a speaking event on the campus of Utah State University, McMullin and Finn responded to recent death threats received from white nationalists.



90 state judges face a retention vote on this year’s ballot. Voters will be given a simple “yes” or “no” choice on the question of keeping the judges that preside in their judicial district.

Every judge in the Beehive State faces a mandatory retention election after an initial three-year term. If chosen to stay on, judges are able to serve full terms of office that vary depending on the specific court they work with.


Thursday, Cedar City and Southern Utah University hosted U.S. presidential candidate Evan McMullin and running mate Mindy Finn to a standing-room-only auditorium.

Secretary of State

With the presidential election every four years comes the Utah Colleges Exit Poll. Alexandra Gruszkiewicz is one of the student volunteers working here at the Brigham Young University call center. She says she has a couple motives for volunteering.


William Johnson, a self-described white nationalist, announced that he is ending his campaign of robocalls against independent presidential candidate Evan McMullin. Utah residents began receiving recorded messages from the California lawyer earlier this week that accused McMullin of being in favor of open borders and questioned his sexuality.




Today is the last day for Utahns to register to vote for the upcoming Nov. 8 general election. At the same time, many countries, including Cache County are holding mail-in only elections.




PANDOS, which stands for Peaceful Advocates for Native Dialogue and Organizing Support was one of the groups gathered in downtown Salt Lake City. Organization chairman Carl Moore told UPR the protest was part prayer and part standing in solidarity. Some chose to protest by locking themselves to each other inside the Wells Fargo Center. 

Nicole Fuller/Sayo Art for University of Texas Austin

It’s a classic. The T. rex towering above a trembling human, sharp teeth exposed as an earth-shattering roar is released. Filmmakers setting up a scene like this have to answer a tough question, “What did dinosaurs actually sound like?”

Herbert Announces Inland Port Committee

Oct 27, 2016
World Trade Center Utah

Gov. Gary Herbert announced Monday that an exploratory committee has been formed to evaluate a proposal to create an inland port in the Salt Lake City area. While the Beehive State has its advantages, infrastructure improvements need to be made for the project to move forward.


A Cedar City man is dead after a fall while hunting in Kane County.

Family members had last contact with 42-year-old Ryan Shakespeare by radio around 6:30pm Monday night. When he had still not returned by Tuesday morning, family contacted the Kane County Sheriff's Department.  Search and rescue efforts were mobilized, but the sheriff's office was contacted by family members who had located Shakespeare at the base of a cliff, and in need of medical attention.  The family then communicated that Shakespeare was deceased.


Noelle Cockett, current Provost at Utah State University, will soon be the 16th president of the University.


A new report on the feasibility of transferring the management of some 25 million acres of federal lands to the state of Wyoming said the process would present major financial, administrative and legislative challenges.

One high school student is taking a different approach to combat sexual assault. She’s literally fighting against it.

McMullin: Post-GOP Conservative Movement Needed

Oct 24, 2016

Independent candidate Evan McMullin has received support from disaffected Republican Party members who are adamant that Donald Trump does not represent them. What will those frustrated voters do after November 8?

Victor Leshyk

It resembles a chameleon, but it’s not. Nor is it a dinosaur or crocodile. In fact, it doesn’t have any living descendants or close relatives—it’s named Drepanosaurus and scientists find this prehistoric creature quite odd, but oh so fascinating.