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UDOT to Host Ogden Canyon Study Open House

Apr 21, 2016

The Utah Department of Transportation is holding a public meeting to discuss the future of Ogden Canyon. 

UDOT is studying the transportation needs for Ogden Canyon through a series of information and project idea meetings. The ideas gathered during the past two years are being used to help create new concepts for the heavily traveled area.


The Senate has revived a wide-ranging bill to promote various forms of energy, from renewables to natural gas, hydropower and geothermal energy. The bill would speed federal approval of projects exporting liquefied natural gas to Europe and Asia. The Senate is expected to pass the legislation sometime this week.



The American Lung Association of Utah released their annual Air Quality report results, Wednesday. 

The results of the 17th annual “State of the Air” report, a national air quality grading system, showed that Utah’s air quality received poor ratings.

Some have dubbed Utah the pornography viewing capital of the country. Governor Gary Herbert is fighting that stigma. He signed into law two anti-pornography bills on Tuesday morning. One bill is the Concurrent Resolution on the Public Health Crisis. This resolution declared pornography a public health hazard.  


A researcher studying how desert soils can help combat climate change will visit Utah State University this week. 

Many people think of the Utah desert as devoid of life. But deserts are complex ecosystems full of plants, animals, and other less visible microbial fauna that play major roles in the ecosystem.

Newborn babies in Utah are tested for 44 medical conditions, one being Phenylketonuria, or PKU, a rare genetic disorder that impacts one in every 10,000 to 15,000 births, according to the Utah Department of Health. A Northern Utah family shares their story about their three children who have PKU.



Chris Holmes

Anchor: After a weekend of clean up, a popular Cedar City park is set to reopen.  Park Discovery was closed after an incident of vandalism and graffiti late Friday.  Community volunteers helped speed up the cleanup.  A community member also helped investigators find those allegedly responsible.

Bay Area Mayors Oppose Utah Coal Port

Apr 18, 2016

Northern California communities are divided over the building of an Oakland port that would send Utah coal across the Pacific Ocean.

Walk A Mile In Her Shoes

Apr 15, 2016
Morgan Pratt

Football players and frat boys boys strapped on red high heels and strutted their stuff for sexual assault awareness on Wednesday at Utah State University.

Park City Group Aims to Restore Historic Mines

Apr 15, 2016

A group of community leaders, avid skiers and history buffs is dedicated to preserving historical mining sites throughout Park City Mountain Resort. 

What is Utah Doing to Prepare for a Water Crisis?

Apr 14, 2016

  When it comes to water, what would it take to get to the point where we turn on the faucet and nothing comes out?

“We almost saw that scenario in California this last summer, and frankly it didn’t take that many poor winters for California to experience the most severe drought on record.”

Utah's Gender Wage Gap Is Nation's Second Highest

Apr 14, 2016

The pay gap between women and men in Utah is the second widest in the country, at 33 cents on the dollar, according to the National Partnership for Women and Families.

Rachel Lyons, the group's senior government affairs manager, said that means full-time working women in Utah lose about $5.5 billion a year.

Death Penalty Debate Emerging In Utah's Right

Apr 13, 2016

A surprising new conversation is occurring within the circles of the political Right in Utah: the abolition of the death penalty.


The Providence City Council held a meeting discussing a local section of the Bonneville Shoreline Trail. The section under discussion would cut through a local subdivision. 


  The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources added Kokanee Salmon to Jordanelle Reservoir Monday. 

For the first time in Utah history, Kokanee Salmon will be part of the fish species at Jordanelle Reservoir.

Princeton University

Cattle are increasingly replacing wild ungulates on the world’s rangelands and prairies, but new research from Utah State University scientists suggests that cows and zebras may have similar effects on grasslands.


The average college student in Utah graduates with more than $22,000 in student loan debt. One organization wants students to finance their schooling without taking on additional debt.

Tart Cherry Trees Are Still Just Trees

Apr 8, 2016

The cherry is Utah’s state fruit, and about 2 billion cherries are harvested in Utah each year, more than in any other state except Michigan.

Kit Foxes and Coyotes Clash in Utah's West Desert

Apr 6, 2016

New science from Utah State University examined the relationship between kit foxes, coyotes, and water in Utah’s western deserts.


For 150 years, the Juneteeth holiday has been celebrated across the country to commemorate the day black slaves in Texas first learned of their emancipation by Abraham Lincoln.

New Dino-Themed Marketing Campaign For Uintah Basin

Apr 4, 2016
www.nps.gov / National Park Service

Uintah County launched a new dino-themed marketing campaign this Month with two animated dinosaurs named Vern and Al, which put together spell Vernal.


With the passage of the federal Every Student Succeeds Act last year, states may now have more freedom to implement their own education policies. Utah quickly followed this year with two new laws designed to reduce the emphasis on standardized testing in teacher evaluations.

Baby Animal Days For the Whole Family

Apr 1, 2016
Katie Peikes / UPR

The American West Heritage Center’s Baby Animal Days is an event where families can play with and hold many different animals.

Located in Wellsville, Utah, the American West Heritage Center holds Baby Animals Days every year. Rentals Manager Sarah Gunnell said this traditional event brings families together.

Utah Governor's Office of Economic Development

Over 10,000 Utahns are employed by aerospace aviation companies.

Kent "Rommel" Rominger was a former space astronaut. He flew the space shuttle five times and was with NASA for 14 years. Rominger is also the VP for business development for Orbital ATK, a private aerospace company and builds defense and aviation systems.

Should The GOP Be Sympathetic To Bundy Cause?

Mar 30, 2016

The Bundy family of ranchers made news again this week when brothers Ammon and Ryan Bundy appealed to stay in Oregon while defending themselves in federal court. The brothers contend that they should be allowed to finish their Oregon trial before being sent to Nevada to face similar charges there.