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Utah Health and Wellness
3:36 pm
Fri June 13, 2014

USU Chemical Spill Forces Lab Evacuation

A chemical spill was reported on the Utah State University campus Friday morning. The building was evacuated and two employees were transported to a local hospital.

According to officials, an employee at the Laboratory Animal Research Center was using a chemical incorrectly which released hazardous fumes. Tim Vitale, Director of PR and Marketing at USU said the woman and another male employee were taken to Logan Regional Hospital.

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Utah News
6:47 pm
Thu June 12, 2014

Utah Best Environment For Small Businesses

Utah ranks number one in the nation for a small-business-friendly environment, according to a recent study.
Credit thumbtack.com

According to a recent survey, Utah excels as the most small-business-friendly state in the nation. The third annual study from thumbtack.com, an online marketplace for local services, and the Kaufmann Foundation surveyed more than 12,000 entrepreneurs nationwide.

John Lieber, chief economist of thumbtack.com, said the study looked at environmental aspects that create a helpful working partnership with state and local governments.

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Utah News
6:36 pm
Thu June 12, 2014

Study Suggests Human Skull Evolved From Fighting

A new study from the University of Utah suggests Homo sapien skull configurations evolved with fighting.
Credit Biological Reviews journal

A new study from researchers at the University of Utah suggests Homo sapiens’ ancestors evolved to take a punch to the face.

The research suggests that violence stemming from male competition for access to mates millions of years ago has influenced the shape of the hominin skull, making it robust in areas it wouldn’t need to be if it had evolved only for eating.

“The face and the head are the most commonly struck targets and those areas of the face that are hit the most are the areas that show the most increase in robustness throughout our evolution,” said author Michael Morgan, an emergency medicine resident at the University of Utah.

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Utah News
6:11 pm
Thu June 12, 2014

Construction At Arches To Cause Summertime Congestion

Congestion is expected as Arches National Park renovates the Devil's Garden parking lot in June.
Credit National Park Service

After years of growing visitation numbers, Arches National Park near Moab will be expanding one of its largest parking lots.

The Devils Garden parking lot will be closed for construction for 10 days in June. Between the 16th and the 26th visitors to the park won’t be able to access one of the most popular trails that features land marks such as Landscape Arch, Double O arch and the Primitive Loop Trail.

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Utah News
5:22 pm
Wed June 11, 2014

Centuries-Old Tree Key To Understanding Climate Variation

350-year-old juniper tree discovered in Utah's Indian Creek last fall may hold answers to climate variability in the region.
Credit Barry Baker / The Nature Conservancy

Director of Canyonlands Research Center Dr. Barry Baker was walking in Cottonwood Creek with his wife last fall when he spotted something out of the ordinary—a tree hovering above the creek bed, buried in a deep layer of sediment. 

“I figured it had been there a while and was hoping that we could study the tree to get some insight into past climatic regimes and sedimentation regimes in the area,” said Baker.

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Utah News
4:03 pm
Wed June 11, 2014

Storytelling Festival Captivates Cache Valley Community

The entrance to the Cachevalley Storytelling Festival.
Taylor Halversen Utah Public Radio

Storytellers mesmerized audience members June 7 as part of Cache Valley’s inaugural storytelling festival in North Logan. The event began as one man’s dream to bring stories to his home after watching storytelling festivals enhance and unite communities around the state.

Years ago Wayne McKay was introduced to the acclaimed Timpanogos Storytelling Festival and was entranced as he listened to the tellers and observed people of all ages laughing and connecting with the stories. He returned year after year taking note of the storytellers, the audience and the community.

“So I came away and I thought, 'Boy, that would really be cool if we had something like that up in Cache Valley',” said McKay.

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Utah Health and Wellness
6:28 pm
Tue June 10, 2014

Utah Confirms First Case Of Measles In 2014, Numbers Spike Across Nation

Utah confirmed its first case of measles on Tuesday. Nearly 400 cases have been seen across the country so far this year.
Credit Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

The number of cases of measles in the United States in 2014 has already doubled compared to the total number of cases seen during 2013. On Tuesday, Utah’s first case of the respiratory illness was confirmed by the Utah Department of Health, adding to the growing number of cases seen since the illness was eliminated from the U.S. 14 years ago.

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Utah Science
6:38 pm
Mon June 9, 2014

Despite Higher Risks, Eating Disorder Rates At BYU Lower Than National Average

Women entering college tend to face an increased risk of eating disorders, especially those who are Caucasian, religious and achievement orientated. Though these risk factors describe many students at Brigham Young University, new research from the school shows women there are bucking the national trend.

Researchers from BYU conducted a longitudinal study, tracking hundreds of women’s responses to eating disorder questionnaires over three years.

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Utah Politics
6:25 pm
Mon June 9, 2014

Against ACLU's Wishes, City Council Takes Action

A month ago, parade organizers refused entry of a float from Mormons Building Bridges, an LDS LGBT-support group, to the annual Days of ‘47 Parade, claiming that it would cause too much political commotion.

This sparked a discussion within the Salt Lake City Council to intervene by sending a letter to parade organizers to reconsider. This action brought attention and disapproval from the American Civil Liberties Union of Utah. Legal director for the organization, John Mejia, stated that sending the letter would be clear violation of the parade organizers First Amendment rights, because as a government entity the city council is not authorized to influence the contents of a publicly organized parade.

However, the city council opted to send the letter anyway, appealing to the sense of community that the Days of ’47 parade usually brings. In defense of the Salt Lake City Council’s actions, Chair of the City Council Charlie Luke said, “I think that elected officials have a responsibility to speak out on issues that are relevant to the communities in which they serve.”

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Utah Environment
9:28 am
Mon June 9, 2014

Utah Crow Hunt For Fall Approved

Because of a substantial increase in number of crows over the last 14 years, Utah's Division of Wildlife Resources has approved two fall hunts for crows.
Credit Division of Wildlife Resources

A growing number of crows are flying above the state of Utah, according to the Division of Wildlife Resources' newest survey, bringing the population to an all-time high at more than 2,400 crows statewide.

While Utah stood against crow hunting in the past, hunters will be able to shoot in the fall, according to DWR's spokesman Mark Hadley.

While the dense crow habitation is not a state-wide issue, the birds have hindered farmers in rural areas in addition to homeowners in rural landscapes.

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