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Utah News
5:59 pm
Fri May 2, 2014

Zap, Pow, Bam: Free Comic Book Day Hits Utah

Local comic book stores will be giving away free comics on Saturday.

As many college students graduate around the state this weekend, another May tradition will be underway as well. Free Comic Book Day takes place on the first Saturday of May each year. I called up one local comic book store to learn a little about the holiday.

*Rinnnggg*… “Death Ray Comics, *pew*, *pew*”

Death Ray Comics is a small store in downtown Logan that sells comic books and other nerd-friendly merchandise. Trent Hunsaker is the owner, though he prefers to go by a different title.

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Utah Families
5:22 pm
Thu May 1, 2014

Cannabis Oil Gives Utah Children Natural Alternative To Anti-Convulsant Drugs

Joshua Perkins is a Utah State University student with epilepsy. He had his first grand mal seizure at 16. His doctors have not been able discover the cause of his disorder.

“They started giving me medication when I was 16, trying different things," Perkins said.

But even after doctors find medications that work, Perkins still has seizures.

“(I) had a seizure driving back from psychology and crashed into the Aggie Parking Terrace ticket booth," he said.

Most seizures happen when nerve cells in the brain fire more rapidly and with less control than normal. Epilepsy varies from person to person, but is a brain disorder that causes repeated seizures of varying lengths and sizes.

Most epilepsy medications have negative side effects such as memory loss and bone thinning, which is what makes cannabis oil so appealing. Just like the compounds found in essential oils like lavender or tea tree, there’s a compound in cannabis that can reduce or even eliminate seizure activity without the negative side effects.

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Utah Crime and Courts
5:04 pm
Thu May 1, 2014

Family Of Student Killed In Slackline Incident Sue USU, Students

Credit Matt Jensen

The family of a former Utah State University student who was killed after riding his bicycle into a tensioned slackline on campus is suing the university and several students.

Eric Anderson was a 24-year-old music student. On August 26, he was riding his bicycle down Old Main Hill when he struck the line suspended between two trees, suffering fatal trauma.

Plaintiffs Carvel and Gayle Anderson are the student's parents, and filed the wrongful death suit in 3rd District Court on Wednesday. The family's attorney declined to comment.

University spokesman Tim Vitale says the school's legal counsel is reviewing the details about the suit.

"This was an extremely tragic accident and our hearts still go out to Eric Anderson's family and friends and everyone involved in this very sad accident," he said. "At this point we haven't even been served with the lawsuit yet so we'll need to take some time to look at the details once we are officially served."

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Utah News
4:58 pm
Thu May 1, 2014

¿Habla Dinosaurio? Researcher Breaks Language Barrier In New Book

Paleontologist Ken Carpenter worked with an international team to translate academic research on Mesozoic life in Mexico into English.

The international language of science is English, but for the large number of researchers who don’t speak the language, making their work accessible to the international community can be a challenge.

A new book titled Dinosaurs and Other Reptiles from the Mesozoic of Mexico was edited by Utah State University Paleontologist Ken Carpenter. In the book, researchers who work across Mexico translated their work to English. Carpenter then edited the information.

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Utah Food
4:33 pm
Thu May 1, 2014

Utah Issues Emergency Order On Swine Shows To Protect Pig Population

The State Veterinarian's Office has issued an emergency order to address the potential spread of the Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea virus (PEDv). The order requires all shows held on or after May 5, 2014 to be terminal. This means any pigs presented at county and state fairs, and other shows go directly to slaughter after judging concludes.

Assistant State Veterinarian Dr. Warren Hess says the order does not cancel any livestock shows.

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Utah Transportation
4:14 pm
Thu May 1, 2014

I-15 To Close in Brigham City for Bridge Demolition

A diverging diamond interchange is seen in this file photo courtesy Utah Department of Transportation.
Credit UDOT

If you’re traveling to the Wasatch Front on Thursday night via the Brigham City 1100 South on-ramp, be ready for some delays.

UDOT will close Interstate 15 at 7 p.m. Thursday to demolish the bridge at exit 362. UDOT spokesman Vic Saunders says it’s all part of building a new diverging diamond interchange at the location.

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Utah News
5:30 pm
Wed April 30, 2014

Utah Could Face $407 Million Shortfall In Federal Transportation Funding

Utah stands to lose more than $400 million dollars in transportation funding if Congress can’t come to an agreement later this year.

Utah would lose 20 percent of its transportation budget if Congress allows the Highway Trust Fund to go dry, which it is predicted to do this summer.

In a report released by the non-partisan group Transportation for America, state and local governments would lose out on $47 billion in transportation funding nationwide.

This means Utah would lose out on nearly $407 million.

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Utah News
4:16 pm
Wed April 30, 2014

Utah Ranked Among The Worst States For Health Care Access and Affordability

Despite Utah’s high rate for overall health, the state was recently ranked among the worst in the nation for health care access and affordability according  to a study released by the Commonwealth Fund on Tuesday. The group is a non-profit organization that tracks health care in the United States. 

Communications Director for the Utah Democratic Party, Anna Thompson,  says  the party blames the low ranking on the lack of Medicaid expansion from Gov. Gary Herbert and the state legislature.

Thompson also says the problem is more than just the lack of health care expansion. 

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Utah News
6:37 pm
Tue April 29, 2014

Critics Call Fowl On Crow Hunting Proposal

Though the crow can be hunted for food, Stringham says the main purpose of the proposal is to deal with the growing bird population along the Wasatch Front.
Credit National Park Service

Hunters in Utah may get a chance to pursue a few new kinds of birds this coming season. Biologists from the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources will be sharing proposals to allow the hunting of crows and turkeys, and increasing the bag limits on other currently hunted birds.

Division of Wildlife Resources Migratory Game Bird Coordinator Blair Stringham says many western states already allow crow hunting.

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Utah Families
5:56 pm
Tue April 29, 2014

Group Fights Intergenerational Poverty With New Grant

Voices for Utah Children received a $50,000 dollar grant to combat poverty in Utah.
Credit http://www.utahchildren.org/

Voices for Utah Children was accepted as a member of the Ascend Network on Tuesday. They also received a $50,000 grant from the Aspen Institute, which is a nationwide organization that is working to eliminate poverty.

Karen Crompton, president and CEO of Voices for Utah Children, said the organization is a multi-issue child advocacy group for kids living below the poverty line in Utah.  

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