Utah News

3:17 pm
Fri June 22, 2012

Highland Festival in the Lowlands of Utah

Utah's Scottish Festival and Highland Games brought thousands of Scottish descendents and Scottish culture-lovers to Lehi.

UPR correspondent Dani Hayes spent a weekend with Utah Highlanders in the Lowlands of Utah valley at Utah's Scottish Festival and Highland Games in Lehi.

Events included military music shows, band competitions, the Highland athletic games, Highland dance competition, Irish dance performances, a variety of Celtic music, food, and of course bagpipes.

Dani asked festival-goers what draws people to the Scottish culture if they're not Scottish?

"Men wearing dresses!" one man yelled.

And what's the deal with kilts?

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Utah News
3:12 pm
Thu June 21, 2012

Premature Deaths on the Rise for Uninsured Utahns

A Families USA report out this week links lack of health care coverage to premature death.

The non-profit organization Families USA released a report this week that estimates 2 Utahns between the ages of 25 - 64 die every week because they did not have adequate health care.

The organization's Executive Director Ron Pollack says the Affordable Care Act offers access to coverage for families who struggle to get the health care they need.

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1:17 pm
Wed June 20, 2012

Riding to Eradicate a Disease: Cyclists Ride With and Against Multiple Sclerosis

Team Brain from the University of Utah Brain Institute is one of hundreds of teams participating in the Bike MS Utah Ride this weekend in Logan

The 26th Annual Bike MS Utah, nicknamed "Harmons Best Dam Bike Ride", takes place in and around Logan June 23 - 24.

The ride is the largest fundraiser of the year for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society Utah-Southern Idaho Chapter with the funds going toward helping Utahns impacted by the disease improve their quality of life and ultimately to the goal of eradicating the disease.

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Salt Lake City
9:56 am
Wed June 20, 2012

Local Utah Breweries Face Price Hike, Consumers to Feel Their Pain Come July

Epic Brewing Company owner, Dave Cole, explains how an increase in DABC handling fees will be forced onto consumers come July.

Specialty beers, wines and other alcoholic beverages could soon cost you more money. Next month, the state’s alcoholic beverage handling fee is more than doubling.

In 2008, Dave Cole and his business partner, Peter Erickson, began pursuing their dream of opening their own brewery.

“It was either an epic failure or a success and fortunately Salt Lake was ready for it.”

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Salt Lake City
5:33 pm
Tue June 19, 2012

20 Tons of Sand Working Toward Feature of Utah Arts Festival

It doesn't look like much now, but 20 tons of sand will be transformed over the weekend into one of the centerpieces of the Utah Ats Festival.

With the sand dumped out into a pile at 200 East and 400 South in Salt Lake City, artist Ted Siebert with the Sand Sculpture company is ready to get to work, creating a sculpture of a flamenco dancer.

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Utah News
5:07 pm
Tue June 19, 2012

World-Class Young Pianists Compete and Impress in Salt Lake

A world-class piano competition is going on this week and next in Salt Lake City featuring some of the most talented young people in the world.

In order to compete in the Gina Bachauer Junior & Young Artist Piano Competitions, contestants auditioned in Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Tokyo, Seoul, Moscow, Venice, Hamburg, and New York City. The best of the best earned a place at the competition in Salt Lake.

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Salt Lake City
5:51 pm
Mon June 18, 2012

Swallow vs. Reyes: A Heated GOP Race for Utah's Next Attorney General

For the first time in more than a decade, Utahns will have a new Attorney General after this November’s election. Three-term Republican Mark Shurtleff is stepping aside, and two other GOP contenders are looking for the chance to fill his shoes. Only one will make it past the upcoming June 26 primary and onto the final ballot, and as Jessica Gail reports, it’s been a hard-fought race.

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Mesquite, NV
5:51 pm
Fri June 15, 2012

Rookie Police Dog Makes First Drug Bust

A Mesquite police officer conducting a routine traffic stop observed suspicious behavior and indications of criminal activity in 2 southern Utah men during a routine traffic stop. The officer deployed the newest member of the Mesquite Police Department, Noro the K-9.

Noro immediately alerted the officer to the presence of drug odor, confirming the officer's suspicions. Upon a search of the vehicle, police located just over 8 grams of methamphetamine. The 2 men, both of La Verkin, Utah, were arrested and charged with possession of methamphetamine and felony drug trafficking.

The bust came before Noro was even formally introduced to the Force.

Utah News
5:40 pm
Fri June 15, 2012

Show Your Green Thumb Pride: Join the Utah Garden Challenege

Register your garden -- large or small -- for the Utah Garden Challenge at www.utahgardenchallenge.com

To encourage self-sufficiency and sustainability the Utah Department of Agriculture and Food is challenging Utahns to grow their own food with the 10,000 Garden Challenge.

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Juab County
6:39 pm
Thu June 14, 2012

Utah's War on Weeds

Squarrose knapweed is a problematic invasive plant species in Utah.

The overgrowth of invasive weeds in Utah is in part to blame for out-of-control fires in the state according to Larry Lewis of the Utah Department of Agriculture. Lewis says the department is working with Utah State University Extension experts and local weed control experts to eradicate weeds and encourage the regrowth of native grasses.

According to Lewis, wildfires burning in rural communities where invasive weeds are found can force smoke to filter throughout the state, impacting air quality in all areas of the state.

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