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Utah News
6:14 pm
Thu May 8, 2014

Twilight Concert Series Line-Up Announced

The much anticipated Twilight Concert Series line-up has been announced and includes alternative artist Beck, rapper Lauryn Hill, and rapper group De La Soul. Headliners also include soul singer Charles Bradley, the indie groups the Local Natives, TV on the Radio, and The Head and the Heart.

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Utah News
5:43 pm
Thu May 8, 2014

Star Lovers Gather For Astronomy Day

One of the events for National Astronomy Day is a book signing at the Clark Planetarium.
Credit Karl Beckstrand

National Astronomy Day is on Saturday. The holiday marks a day that professional and amateur astronomers gather to enjoy the night sky together. The Clark Planetarium in Salt Lake City is hosting an event in celebration of Astronomy Day, including a book signing by Karl Beckstrand, author of Bright Star, Night Star: An Astronomy Story.

“It’s kind of a primer for kids who are getting their first exposure to astronomy and the night sky,” Beckstrand said.

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Utah Environment
4:17 pm
Thu May 8, 2014

Flower Controversy Ignites Over Oil Shale Habitat

The Graham's beardtoungue is one of two flowers whose future is uncertain.
Credit Utah Geologic Survey / Utah Department of Natural Resources

The Graham's beardtongue and the White River beardtongue are found in Utah in the same place as oil- in the Uintah and Duchesne county oil shale outcroppings.

This week, the US Fish and Wildlife Service announced it would postpone deciding whether or not to designate critical habitat for the flowers under the Endangered Species Act. Instead, it released a proposed conservation agreement.

Laura Romin is with the Fish and Wildlife Service, formerly a biologist, now the deputy field supervisor for Utah. She says the agreement allows for some of the species to be retained.

"The basis of the agreement is to establish some conservation areas for each of these species, and in the conservation agreement, we would limit surface disturbance," Romin said. "There's certainly the risk of some of the individual populations disappearing, however we're currently in the process of evaluating the level of threat of energy development to the species as a whole."

Lori Ann Burd, from the Center for Biological Diversity says she doesn’t believe the goal of the agreement is really conservation.

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Utah Education
4:06 pm
Thu May 8, 2014

$6 Million Is Set To Go Toward Science, Technology, Engineering And Math Education

The STEM program has received $6 million from the Department of Workforce Services and the Utah State Office of Education. The money will be used for science, technology, engineering and math education. 

Nic Dunn, the Public Information Officer for the Department of Workforce Services, said the money will go toward in-school and after-school programs for public  K-12 schools.

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Utah Science
6:44 pm
Wed May 7, 2014

Newly Discovered Hypervelocity Star May Explain Dark Matter’s Mysteries

The newly discovered hypervelocity star is traveling at 1 million mph in relation to Earth.
Credit The University of Utah

A new star discovered by a team from the University of Utah, in collaboration with astronomers in China, makes the star at the center of our solar system seem a bit boring.

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Utah Outdoors
3:25 pm
Tue May 6, 2014

Trophy Fish On The Way To Utah Reservoirs

Planting muskies in Joes Valley.
Mike Christensen Division of Wildlife Resources

About 17,000 tiger muskies will arrive in Salt Lake City Tuesday evening to re-supply six state reservoirs. Tiger muskies are long, torpedo-shaped fish, with sharp teeth. They can weigh more than 30 pounds, and get longer than a child is tall. Right now, Utah's Division of Wildlife Resources is restocking these fish in reservoirs across the state.

Drew Cushing with the DWR says Tiger Muskies are very good for both the natural fish populations and anglers.

"Well these fish are unique in the fact that they are sterile. These are fish that’s a hybrid between a true muskie and a northern pike. They’re more friendly to use in places where we have native species concerns because they can’t reproduce. This is a way we can stock a water and get a trophy fishery out of it, and then protect the native species by eliminating the possibility of their reproducing."

The fish are currently about an inch long, and have a voracious appetite-- they have been eating each other on the long journey from Nebraska. Cushing says their appetite for other fish is partly why the DWR stocks them.

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Utah News
6:07 pm
Mon May 5, 2014

Utah Volunteers Respond To East Coast Tornado Disaster

The Utah Region of the Red Cross has respondents in various tornado-devastated states.
Credit The Red Cross

Fourteen states have been affected by devastating tornados and flooding this week and nearly 1,900 trained Red Cross workers from across the country have been mobilized to assist. The Utah Region of the Red Cross has volunteers spanning areas hit most severely by the storms.

Stan Rosenzweig, a veteran volunteer with the Utah Region of Red Cross, is on the ground in Conway, AR where an estimated 500 homes were destroyed. He says that though life continues as normal for many, the lives of those affected have been turned upside down.

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Utah News
6:05 pm
Mon May 5, 2014

Organization Seeks To Help Kids Unplug Over The Summer

Nearly 50 percent of parents say their children spend more time playing video games and watching television during summer breaks than during the school year, according to a study by Harris Interactive. 

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Utah News
6:23 pm
Fri May 2, 2014

New Lion Exhibit The Pride Of Hogle Zoo

Utah's Hogle Zoo opened its new lion exhibit Friday and plans to open the grasslands portion later in May.
Credit Hogle Zoo

The $16 million African Savannah facility at Hogle Zoo opened its doors to the public Friday, showcasing a new lion exhibit. After the death of the last Hogle lion ten years ago, the zoo waited to house new cats until the completion of the planned facility.

Two male lions, brothers Baron and Vulcan, were introduced to the public Friday and Erica Hansen with Hogle Zoo says they have very distinct personalities.

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Utah News
5:59 pm
Fri May 2, 2014

Zap, Pow, Bam: Free Comic Book Day Hits Utah

Local comic book stores will be giving away free comics on Saturday.

As many college students graduate around the state this weekend, another May tradition will be underway as well. Free Comic Book Day takes place on the first Saturday of May each year. I called up one local comic book store to learn a little about the holiday.

*Rinnnggg*… “Death Ray Comics, *pew*, *pew*”

Death Ray Comics is a small store in downtown Logan that sells comic books and other nerd-friendly merchandise. Trent Hunsaker is the owner, though he prefers to go by a different title.

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