A State of Addiction: Utah's Opioid Epidemic

A State of Addiction: On the Front Lines

Oct 18, 2017
Utah Department of Health



“There are many times when families are affected by this and it's not always the homeless person or the stressed out dad—it can be the mom, at home. They could have three kids; they could have regular family life like anybody else and just not be able to deal with something quite well at the moment,” said Corey Larsen, firefighter paramedic for Ogden City.

A State of Addiction: A Quiet Problem

Oct 10, 2017
National Institutes of Health

Cottonwood Heights is the type of community where little kids wear helmets while pedaling by on their bicycles; the homes often have two and three car garages, neatly trimmed lawns, and potted flowers decorating the front doorsteps.