Correction: A previous version of this story claimed that the public comment period ended with the submission of Sec. Zinke's report last Thursday. The formal comment period actually ended July 10. The story has been changed to reflect this.

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke’s recommendation to shrink two Utah National Monuments is expected to face major legal fights if adopted by President Trump.

Elijah West was a big baby.

“I like to say it was twelve, but I think it was really 11.5, right?” he asked, turning to his mother Diana for confirmation.

Just like craft beers and homemade pickles, the artisanal cheese making business is on the rise. Utah is trying to make its mark in the artisanal cheese industry, with the first ever Utah Cheese Awards.

A top Utah search-and-rescue crew is among the groups helping Texas communities hit hard by Hurricane Harvey.

The 11-vehicle convoy carrying 46 disaster-trained members was sent to Houston on Sunday to help emergency responders overwhelmed with calls for help as floodwaters rise up to 17 feet (5 meters).

Ryan Adams

Federal scientists and mostly rural interest groups gathered at a conference in Utah this week to discuss the growing number of U.S.-protected wild horses roaming 10 western states.  


The National Parks Service celebrates 101 years as an organization Friday. The NPS manages 78 of the country's national monuments, along with 58 parks. Visitation at these parks and monuments is up, and so is the interest in finding unique ways to house travelers. 

Kerry Bringhurst

Utah Public Radio News Director Kerry Bringhurst traveled to Aspen, Wyoming for Monday’s solar eclipse. She parked in a field near the Palisades Reservoir. Next to her was a brother and his two sisters who grew up together in California. Now living apart, they gathered in Wyoming for a family reunion. Their children and grandchildren had taped protective viewing glasses to decorated paper plates, cut out a small nose hole and then tied the gear to their heads.


State and local officials are moving into phase two of a law enforcement program targeting Salt Lake’s Rio Grande District.

Utah State Forester Brian Cottam said "stupid human tricks" have led to the states' wildfire bill being double what it usually is.

Cottam says the cost to Utah for this year's wildfires is projected to be $18 million, while the state's yearly average is $9 million.

Conservation groups are airing TV ads, planning rallies and creating parody websites in a last-minute blitz to stop Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke from downsizing or eliminating national monument areas that cover large swaths of land and water from Maine to California.

Five of Utah's 10 largest colleges are under federal investigation into the handling of various sexual misconduct claims.

This fall marks the start of the first school year since Utah’s juvenile justice reform was signed into law. This is why eight Utah nonprofits, including Voices for Utah Children and the American Civil Liberties Union of Utah, are coming together to make sure parents know how their students’ rights have changed.

According to a recent study by the Pew Research Center, 62% of adults get their news through social media, often from like-minded people they trust. One expert said there are a growing number of researchers who are focused on finding better ways to communicate their research.

Utah will obey a court order to let the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration search a prescription-drug database without a warrant despite a state law designed to protect patient privacy.

Utah Attorney General's Office spokesman Dan Burton says the state disagrees with the order but has decided not to appeal.

Authorities have identified a 33-year-old Utah man who died in an ATV crash in Logan Canyon over the weekend.

The Cache County Sheriff's Office says Cassidy Wakely of Logan was riding a four-wheeler when he drove off a 15-foot drop-off at about noon on Saturday in the canyon's Franklin Basin area about 4 miles off U.S. Highway 89.

Deer Valley Resort in Utah is being purchased by a new company that now has 13 ski areas from Quebec to Colorado, marking the latest deal in an industry that is becoming more consolidated.

Increased polarization in Congress is concerning some Utah lawmakers about a possible federal shutdown.

Congress is now in August recess and has not yet passed a budget for the next fiscal year. That task, along with raising the debt ceiling, has some Utah lawmakers worried about an impending government shutdown.

A Utah family is capitalizing on the large number of solar eclipse chasers by setting up a campsite in Idaho to raise money for cancer treatment.

Orem City

As thousands scramble north to view Monday’s cosmic event, travelers on major Utah highways are predicted to face heavy traffic.

In Rigby, Idaho at exactly 11:32 a.m. next Monday, the shadow of the moon will completely block the sun resulting in a total eclipse for three minutes.

Utah has asked President Donald Trump's administration to approve a limited Medicaid plan to help the homeless and those in need of mental health and drug addiction treatment.

It's part of a state strategy to curb violence and drug trafficking in a Salt Lake City neighborhood near an overcrowded homeless shelter.

Gov. Gary Herbert and other state and project representatives gathered on Wednesday at the site that's 10 miles (16 kilometers) west of Salt Lake City International Airport. 

Utah's Legislature approved the site by a wide margin in August 2015.

Increasing Home Values In A Competitive Market

Aug 17, 2017

According to real estate experts, new businesses and rapid population growth in the state of Utah are influencing the high demand for housing. There are some important things to consider when looking to market your house in Utah’s competitive market.

Kerry Bringhurst / Utah Public Radio

Utah Governor Gary Herbert is traveling the state to outline his Education Roadmap, a new 10 year education plan for Utah. He and his staff were in northern Utah this week.

Iron County Jail

A defense attorney is questioning charges filed in a massive Utah wildfire that destroyed 13 homes and cost some $40 million to fight.

The Spectrum newspaper in St. George reports a lawyer for 61-year-old Robert Ray Lyman said following a Tuesday hearing that part of the case could be dropped for lack of evidence. Attorney Andrew Deiss didn't elaborate.